[CR] Close-up view of coffee

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Hello friends My main job is painting with coffee.
Today, my subject of photography is a close-up of these fragrant, delicious beans.

Photography with the iPhone7

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very nice.
those coffee beans are just like chocolate.

Thank you very much for your support@ashikstd.

a pleasure

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Nice pic!

Thank you @steemrockers.

The powder look like the pigment of any other paints, I did not know that they are so intense. I love drinking coffee but create the work with coffee something that makes me stun. Would you please next time show how you dilute it with water and apply on paper. I am curious about it and may try too :)

I'm so glad you found the coffee painting interesting @stef1. I'm sure I will show you the steps to make coffee today for the video. Please follow the video.