[CR]Portrait of beautiful lady

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Today I want to share another coffee drawings.
My work is on A4 paper
The drawing is drawn in
The material used is coffee.
Designed with a wooden pen, spoon and brush.
Draw the design with a wooden pen and coffee
In the next with the coffee began
to paint painted.
Hope you enjoy watching the video
Have a nice day artist friend .

video link

"toturial 👩🏻‍🎨drawing with ☕️coffee (Portrait of beautiful lady)

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Beautiful girl created with your coffee technique @marya77, I love her haircut and thoughtful look. ;)

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Thank you very much, dear yanes94.

What an exquisite and lovely portrait, @marya77! Phenomenal work! ☺️

@trincowskiوGlad you liked this painting.

So beautiful this girl is the result of coffee <3

@elisonr13وThank you very much for your support.