TROPICAL FOREST. A drawing 'n an ecological prayer

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Our forest.

Our forest that you are in the tropics, hallowed be your biodiversity.

May your kingdom grow, may it bloom...

Thy will be done on earth as it is in rivers.

Give us today our daily oxygen.

Forgive us our ecological crimes as we forgive the stupidity of those who cut and burn believing that ruining all of us they will become richer.

Lead us not into the temptation to become indifferent to the threat hanging over every tree and every animal.

And deliver us from total extinction. Amen


Particularly for us Venezuelans who live outside Caracas, Internet access becomes very complicated. Added to that is the fact that my modem was damagedb by frecuently electrical blackouts... Nevertheless, here I am sharing my artwork with all of you.

I did this little exercise of artistic exploration with the intention of sending a message in favor of the preservation of tropical rainforests, so threatened by human activity.

I did this using a PaintTool SAI Ver.1 software Demo, taking advantage of the 31-day free trial period offered by its creators. I think it's a good drawing program, with quite a few tools that have allowed me to explore various options and create different types of works of art.

I hope you like it and, above all, that it helps us to reflect on the importance of conserving those plant lungs, so necessary, as are the jungles and forests.

•••••••◘◘◘◘◘◘◘••••••• helps me with the translation

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