Natural Photography and Editing

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This is my first editing works. Editing and getting a desired result is actually very tedious and stressful
I just found that out today. Trying to edit a picture of the sky I shot, taok me like an hour and some minutes to complete

The choice of colour, contrast, temperature, sharpness, brightness and the rest.
How to combine all this feature to have a cooler photo and look

No wonder people say, photography is not an easy or mere work. It takes a while lot of time and creativity to do it.
If you one not careful about what you do then you might end up messing the whole thing up.

Today I made and edition of the sky, cloud and a vegetation all in one picture. I made them up in different colours and appearance
With various and varying contrasts and temperatures

Below is the colourless image, just black and white. I increased it sharpen to sooth the environment and the vegetation

And the below image, I gave it a more warmer and cooler looks. I edited it in such a way that warms the heart with it cold looks. Although the colour of the sky and everything looks deeper but it have a cold looks

This is is just the normal and bright looking sky, I increased the sharpness of this too, in fact I increased the sharpness of almost all the images. I loved it that way than the normal looks

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Nice work

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