News - Julian Assange Moved Out of Solitary Confinement After Fellow Prisoners Revolt Against His Mistreatment

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Amazing, we say (and feel) we can do nothing, but look at what a group of prisoners managed, where 'big' names failed (actually, the truth is, it is thanks to many people from all walks of life putting pressure, but the prisoners were important in getting the warden to change his ruling).

We can perform miracles if we have the courage to confront the soyboy-feminist-snowflakes and their sick pc.

In a video announcement, WikiLeaks Ambassador Joseph Farrell explained that “in a dramatic climbdown, authorities at Belmarsh Prison have moved Julian Assange from solitary confinement in the medical wing and relocated him to an area with other inmates. The move is a huge victory for Assange’s legal team and for campaigners who have been insisting for weeks that the prison authorities must end the punitive treatment of Assange.”

“But the decision to relocate Assange is also a massive victory of prisoners in Belmarsh. A group of inmates have petitioned the prison governor on three occasions, insisting that the treatment of Assange was unjust and unfair,” Farrell stated. “After meetings between prisoners, lawyers and the Belmarsh authorities, Assange was moved to a different prison wing — albeit one with only 40 inmates.”

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My belief in Free Speech is my Shield

Posted: 25th January, 2020

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In this one act, the Belmsarsh inmates have shown more integrity, honor, and humanity than the US and UK governments throughout this ordeal. Respect to every last one of those inmates.

Now he only need watch his back from the would be assassin who may or may not be in intelligence employ. Then they have their credible deniability and still send their message out. And unlike Epstein, who I imagine is still very much alive, he will not be.

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