⭐Crypto☆Cartoon of Crypto Bobby⭐

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Hey Cryptopeeps!🙌

This time I cartoonized the cool CryptoStar Rob "Crypto Bobby" Paone!🌟



🌟 About Rob Paone 🌟

Rob Paone is the founder of Proof of Talent. He began his career in technical recruiting at The Select Group, moving on to support LinkedIn's Talent Solutions product suite. Rob's blockchain experience stems from his YouTube channel and podcast, "Crypto Bobby", which is often a Top 100 business podcast on iTunes, as well as his work leading Growth and Community at AirSwap.

Bobby loves Bitcoin, Ethereum, Jets and you can follow him on Crypto~Twitterhttps://www.twitter.com/crypto_bobby



About Proof of Talent
Proof of Talent is a tech recruiting firm focused exclusively on the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

Web: https://proofoftalent.co/

Something interesting is their Referral Program, where you can earn $1000 in BTC, ETH or USD. Take a look at the details in their web page and start earning money for helping the blockchain industry grow!


Rob's favorite snack to celebrate BTC Pump are Buffalo Chicken Wraps!!! 🥙😉🌯 🍗🌚🚀


Also Crypto Bobby loves cartoons and I wish Cointelegraph's Cartoonists fulfills his deepest desire of his heart💙🙏


Meanwhile I hope he likes my humble crypto hand drawing! 🤗 Thanks for stopping by! 👋 and fingers crossed for Bobby on Cointelegraph this 2020 🍀🤞🤞🤞 Go Bobby!🏁

About ☆Jenina🌟Crypto☆
Jenina🌟Crypto is The Cartoonist of your favorite CryptoStars!☄🤗 And also Ambassador for EOS projects as discussions.app and puml.io

☆Jenina🌟Crypto☆ is on Patreon | Twitter | Instagram | Steem | Creary | Uptrennd: https://linktr.ee/jeninacrypto

For Cryptoart commissions🖼☄ & sponsored CryptoCartoons Contact to:
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You are so skilled with human faces ! 😃 I don't know all these crypto people but you are drawing them so well 😉
I would enjoy to be drawn, if only I had decent pictures to submit I would order you a portrait ! ...Have to think more seriously about that indeed 😉

Hii Thank youu💙🤗 You're welcome!😊

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Feminine leg position, no? LOL!

Great caricature - as usual.

In lak'ech, JaiChai