Inktober - Tasty (Step by step drawing) Pencil and pastel medium

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Hi guys!!!☺️
Since its still the Tasty day for Inktober. I tried out another sketch to depict "Tasty". This time, a lollipop using my medium,charcoal pencil and pastel. The drawing was quite easy though. Now let me show you how I made it🙂.


First of all, I sketched out the lollipop using a charcoal pencil, then shaded with my smudger to get the effect below.


I felt for the need of a spice, an item to show how tasty a lollipop is. So this led me to the drawing of the dripping syrup.


Now the final stage of the drawing, I used my pastel to add colour to the lollipop and its background. I did the blending with my Smudger and used a white charcoal pencil to create the highlights on the lollipop and it's dripping syrup.

The drawing came out better than I expected and sweeter than I thought it would😉.
Thanks for reading through guys. I appreciate your love and supports for my art. Stay tuned for tomorrow's inktober post. Please feel free to comment and make suggestions. Good night and have a "sweet and tasty" dream😘😘.

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