The Owl Faced Moth

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Hi there Steemians.

Ok it's not exactly named an owl faced moth. We couldn't find the exact name but it's scientific name is Cyligramma latona and its part of the African moth family. There are brighter and duller colours of them. Even ones that looks droopy eyed.

Its a shame that they are so beautiful, yet they cause their own death by flying to a mere light in the dark.




Some good rain we got yesterday. Strange enough we had only rain while the thunder was raging over at the citys side☔⚡ It was indeed very beautiful.

Random photo of a transformer on the farm. Only a small one though. Hmm im thinking of making it a monochromo photo.


Water droplet falling from a piece of glass. We tried so hard to get a photo of the water splitting. But I geuss we stil git some ways to go. Perhaps sports mode should be able to capture that.



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Rarely a nice insect.

Too bad they die like that.

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Beautiful butterfly🦋🦉

I don't like and it is very irretating me.

Its probably time to start working on your english.

You captured good details

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Congratulations @technicalside

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