A Witch in my Garden: "Monarchs Are Coming Soon"

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Today I haven't felt very well, since last night I've felt flu symptoms, can be a product of the stress of recent days, remember that when our mind is not in good shape, our body begins to reflect what we feel, through illness, that's why we should always try to maintain good mental and emotional health. So for the sake of getting, b>"Healthy mind, healthy body", today I took up my meditations again, this week I had not done it one day.

Taking my respective walk through the garden before beginning my meditation, I came across two caterpillars, which at the time I had no idea that butterfly can emerge from them, however before removing them from my onions, I took their respective photos, because besides how beautiful they are (although they were eating my onions), I consider that my garden always gives me a message, or will be that I interpret them that way. No matter how slow things are coming out in your life at the moment, this is only temporary, there will also come a few days of recess or rest (I imagine that's why my flu), and then your beautiful wings will come out and you'll fly free, and bringing joy and beauty wherever you go.

At first sight, I was horrified and said... ready, they ate my onions, I'll give them to the rooster to eat them... then an internal voice told me no, just remove them, and that's what I did, and then I asked my new magic friend Seek, what kind of larva or caterpillar was this and his response was: b>Worm Cotton Butterfly or Monarch Butterfly , the species of butterflies I like best, I love their colors, also these are pollinators.

Considered in some countries as an endangered species, and of care for its pollinating function, is found in different countries of North and South America, have made me think of filling my garden with flowers, for the spectacle of being beautiful once all these butterflies emerge from their chrysalis.

The monarch caterpillar leaves its eggs and takes 3 to 4 days to grow, then spend up to 14 days as a caterpillar eating leaves from the plants, and this is how they look, then they go on to a chrysalis stage for up to 13 days, these look like little green bags that sometimes hang from the leaves of some trees, and change color until at the end of this cycle emerge those beautiful monarch butterflies, which become pollinators that I hope to see enjoying the nectar of my mint flowers, or those I decide to plant.

Remember that if you're going through a bad time, or things aren't going as fast as you want, everything is transient.


Images of my property, taken with the camera lens of my iPhone 5s phone, no editing.

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@fmbs25 I enjoyed your post about the caterpillars and their change to monarch butterflies. And the little life lesson as well, we can all take away such lessons from nature. This too shall pass - it's the one constant in life. I hope you are feeling better now, both mentally and physically.

Well, now I have a very strong flu, I really didn't know how to control my emotions and the disease reached me, but as you remember here, all this will happen!

While reading your piece, I thought of this favorite quote:


Enjoyed your post.

Namaste, JaiChai

Very good phrase, you must always keep moving, the stagnation does not leave us anything positive!
I'm glad you liked my publication, Blessings to you!

I love that the monarch starts in your garden and skies all the way to my home in California.

Thank you for sparing its life ❤️

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They are beautiful, I have already seen some here, I hope they arrive more!

The caterpillars are a little...uncomfortable to look at in close distance for me...haha. But it's hard to imagine their changes after they grow into butterflies!

Looking forward to your more beautiful garden, since you spared their lives they might repay you back :)

Well yes, I hope you'll return the favor and leave my beautiful garden hahaha.

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Beautiful catapillar @fmbs25. You are correct, the monarch butterfly is becoming extinct, I'm so glad you didn't kill the little guys. Although I didn't know they liked onions, lol Be well my friend! Take care to rest up a bit.

It is sad that these beautiful ones are extinguishing, Thank you I also hope to improve, I have felt very bad!

I don't have monarch here but I know that is splendid. I also like the caterpillar version. Thanks for the presentation ... I think he still doesn't eat onions!

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The transformation stage from cocoon to butterfly is called "Metamorphosis" my friend. It means "Transformation" or "Change".
We also have Monarchs here in South Africa.

When I started our charity, I called it Papillon which is the French word for butterfly. My reason was that we help the poor to change by empowering them with life skills.

Hope you get better soon.

In a way I always imagined that your username had to do with butterflies, and I love the purpose of your foundation, is a very good goal!

Thank you and it's all based on creating independence and restoring dignity.