My activity when doing self quarantine.

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When doing self-quarantine, we sometimes feel boredom because of staying too long at home so it is necessary to go out for a while and buy things you like like favorite foods, favorite drinks or whatever it is to eliminate the boredom that we feel because we have to do self-quarantine so there is no spread of the Corona virus outbreak.

Memorable coffee is very familiar among millennial young people as it is today, because coffee is becoming a trend drink among millennial young people so that making millennial coffee business like memorable coffee, soul promise coffee and Koi is very salable and very interested so it makes the drink as one of the drinks that are trendy right now.

The mixture of milk coffee and the presence of boba in Millennial Coffee makes everyone curious about the taste of the millennial coffee. And in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta, coffee has become the most sought-after beverage by young millennials today so that in Jakarta and Tangerang almost every corner of the city has branches of this millennial coffee because there are so many who are interested.

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