The Hypocrisy In Denying Access To Natural Substances Like CBD For Service Members

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The Department of Defense recently confirmed their stance on CBD insisting that it is completely off limits to service members who might want to try some, despite it not containing any possible THC.

They have insisted that there is still a zero tolerance policy with regard to the "illegal use of drugs" and as federal restrictions still remain this of course includes CBD.

In the meantime, while the CBD prohibition continues, the rates of opioid abuse have reportedly been alarmingly high with service members. The rates of prescription for opioid misuse have been higher than those rates seen with civilians.

For service members who have seen combat, it has been estimated that at least some 1 in 7 will use and possibly abuse an opioid prescription. Thousands of service members have had opioid prescriptions and a variety of veterans have battled severely negative circumstances as a result.

There is an increased risk of them harming themselves severely from the use of those pills.

Pumping service members with this many opioids might have detrimental effects in the way of fueling broad health concerns, worsening their symptoms in a variety of ways.

A number of psychoactive drugs are used and approved of for service members, but hypocritically not cannabis or cbd.

Natural substances like CBD are being shunned completely, even though studies show those natural substances have helped some individuals to combat substance abuse; and worse. Meanwhile, we still see that it is pharma alternatives with arguably much more risk that are being promoted and used heavily in military hospitals and elsewhere.

Service members are already at a higher risk of addiction and it's a shame that the state can claim that they are sent overseas to fight for or secure freedom, yet they cannot explore such freedom at home to the point of being able to consume CBD peacefully if they want to.


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T.H.E.Y. deny people access to healthy food, this is far beyond the level of hypocrisy.

This is full blown manipulation to make people as sick (in the body and mind) as possible.

But remember, "T.H.E.Y. are doing it for your benefit"

These are the same people who forcefully vaccinate you and while you're seizing on the ground, they tell the rest in line to step over you and keep going.
They don't care. You are a lab rat whose a hired gun. Plain and simple.

Depriving individuals use of their own resourcefulness and problem solving ability. One of the steps taken to turn consumers into products themselves.

Products of consumption with few or no options.

It is such a shame that the 'authorities' everywhere make decisions that do not have the best intentions of return servicemen. It is so wrong.

That is a shame