Goodbye Candy Seller !!

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The famous circulating example, if we came to a young child unaware of the results of things and offered him a candy seller to invite him to eat, carrying with him a lot of delicious colored candy that is likable to the senses, with another man who works as a doctor and carries with him a paper written on it the damages of eating sugar and its dangers, then this child will be struck with a width The doctor’s wall, and he will always turn to the candy seller

Perhaps the warning on cigarette packs is similar to this example: The phrase that smoking causes cancer has never stopped anyone from smoking.

If we take the example of a doctor and a candy seller and generalize it on the way a person thinks that modern biology relied on calling him a "reasonable" human being, the result will be the same regardless of the target, whether he is a child, a young adult, or even an elderly old man. The result says that a "reasonable" human being is an emotional, irrational, and often biased towards what he desires, desires, and wants to happen.

The problem of the "rational person" is that it deals with the universe, life and its social relations from the perspective of the child who wants to eat sweets and not from the perspective of the mature person who wants to hear the words of the doctor, especially that he will tell him about the harm of delicious things that he does.

Perhaps this is what Sigmund Freud referred to when he spoke of three scratches that afflicted the narcissism of mankind during the course of its development. So, denying the centrality of the earth, the human being is cruel, and then we deny that his consciousness is the first controller that made him fear more than he dies unconsciously, and then he denied his separation from the tree of life, making him an ordinary being among many other beings on the surface of this planet.

Although pleasure will be gained by the child, whether it is a child or an adult, from the candy seller who sells the illusion, the facts are always with the doctor, and they are always not delicious, not colored, shocking, and the opposite of what the soul desires.

The problem of the "rational person" is that he deals with the facts as if he will laugh when he knows them, so when he reaches one of them, he will say: Ha-ha-ha-ha, I knew them! My friend, the truth is not a joke, if nothing breaks into you and changes, then often you are not in front of a useful thing, these are not facts, these are only shallow things.

Don't you remember what Kafka said! We must read the books that plague us and plant their daggers in us. If what we read does not wake us from our negligence, what is the value of what we read! This is what Kafka said, perhaps Kafka is tired of all this, so he committed suicide and rested himself!

What is the use of reading a book that confirms your prior view? What value will you earn from reading something that tells you the right one? Rest assured?

You are here not a seeker of knowledge, here you are just a person who wants to satisfy the arrogance of himself by searching for false knowledge without knowing that his gratification of his knowledge here is similar to that of the one extending his hands to the water to reach his mouth and what is an adult! You want to develop knowledge by only reading what suits you! Any knowledge of this! Any sincerity in the curriculum here!

Here you only see the image from your limited viewpoint, from the peephole point of view, not from a wide panoramic view that shows you the whole scene!

It is said that those who praise and read what their pre-ideologies agree and dictate to them are narcissistic and foolish, for praising this only means that they praise their own taste. What's the use of reading something that you already know agrees with you, man? What is the use of the whole act of reading if not aimed at broadening the horizon and exploring other areas of knowledge?

The famous Canadian psychiatrist Jordan Peterson says: The difference between childhood and maturity is a small line in which dreams are broken, a small line in which you realize that you will become nothing. The child says that he will become a space pilot and pilot as he grows up. He says that he will build a palace of gold, which will have huge gardens. He tells us that he will swim in the ocean with whales, that he will fly among the clouds, and that he will do everything he always dreamed of.

But when he grows up, or more precisely when he ripens regardless of his age at the time, he will realize that his options are limited, that the medical profession will bring him more income than the pilot, that the astronauts are a lie, they never set foot on the moon, that gold palaces are difficult to attain, and that the clouds that It has always been a dream to fly with it that has been vaporized by the global warming boiling hatred and hatred of this planet.

It is precisely at this point that the child ripens, the moment when he will not become all the things he wanted, he will not become a Superman who has always seen him on screens, it will not become Remy who has always been singing in her affectionate voice. Maturity comes with a lack of options, the few determined by the environment and its social and cultural factors that may differ from place to place.

The problem of the "wise man", my friend, is that he is unreasonable, that he naively believes that this universe will not end until all his dreams are fulfilled, and that he will emerge from him as a victorious, vain, then the universe will fold himself happily since he has achieved his goal, and perhaps this will be accompanied by an epic soundtrack that enhances his glory. Also.

There is a simple hair separating hope from the illusion. To live in the hope that what you want will happen is a beautiful thing, but being a bubble and an illusion of what you want is negative. Often this is the case of the helpless, the condition of those who depend on the universe that will not end until they achieve what they want.

Perhaps this is the fourth and final wound that has befallen the narcissistic human narcissism. The wound that Scientist called "the bite of wounded hope" is the sting that bites you to believe that life is waiting for you to arrive until it ends, while it ends whenever it wants without waiting for anyone.

According to the enormous astronomical distances around us, man and his planet are just a grain of sand within a galaxy containing billions of other sand grains. Whereas, this galaxy is itself a grain of dwarf sand marginal in a universe replete with a terrifying number of other galaxies. It is said that at the end of our solar system it will be more like a trip to a beach where a grain of sand from it has disappeared, will someone feel that?

Consider this scene from a panoramic view of the doctor, not a limited immature child who wants to satiate himself with candy.

This is how life is completely. If you want the facts seriously, you must believe the doctor. If you want to satiate yourself with delusional pleasures, then head towards the candy seller. The most adapted will survive no matter how healthy they are.

The years will roll quickly and this universe will draw on the dreams of many people with forgotten tails. It will end if you achieve or not achieve what you wanted, you became a pilot or not, you flew between clouds or drifted in the depths of the earth, it will end despite everything.

Let the dreams of those who are disappointed leave you, dreams of those who rely on interventions that come about for them and lost allowance times waiting for them to achieve what they did not achieve when they were within the real time, leave all of these about you, and do what you want on your own. Nothing will wait for you. Everything will end in spite of you, your life itself will not wait for you, every day that passes will turn a page of it. Do not wish the days pass and forget that it is your age!

And always remember that the candy seller will be great, as long as you like to go, but it is not the right thing, it is not the truth, yes what he has is delicious and satisfies the senses, but he is definitely not the real.

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