African Champions League Preliminary Round Second Leg Results

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Hello sports lovers,

I could not get this go unnoticed.
Mach as the European champions league is very big, Africa too has got a Champions League.
This is the biggest trophy among the clubs in the African continent.

It would be unfair of us not to talk about the biggest sporting events in Africa.

I will talk much about it in my coming post after the steem hard fork.

I just want you to know the African champions league is on and these are the result in the Preliminary Round.

Screenshot from 2019-08-27 05-26-52.png
Screenshot from 2019-08-27 05-28-26.png
Screenshot from 2019-08-27 05-29-11.png
Screenshot from 2019-08-27 05-29-44.png

I am very happy that Uganda at list has a team in the African Champion's league called KCCA. FC

I have great hope that this team will perform well in the African Champions League.

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