The People of Neoxian. Day 2.5 @raymondspeaks

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So Raymond.. what can we say about Raymond. Does everybody love Raymond?

Raymond is an open book. He is pleasant- but boring, intelligent - yet .... For the most part, Raymond is generous and giving. The only unfortunate part is that he usually loses his money with often bad crypto-related investments where he is forced to ask for his 'charity' back.

Name: @Raymondspeaks

Aliases: Reggae / Dragonspeaks / ShutupRaymond / Kilt-Wearer

Age: Nearly at the big 40 or 40 + not sure

Nationality: Scotland

Occupation: Involves the Internet, often pyramid schemes and multi-level marketing. With a soothing voice Ray often get's unsuspecting men to join his network of failed relationships in order to help solve relationship issues.

Likes: Bagpipes, Dolls, Charity, building in mine-test (if he can keep the server running), crashing the mine-test server and everyone losing their stuff

Dislikes: SJW Feminists ( but regularly touts leftist ideology even though he hates leftist ideology)

Most distinguishable trait: Wearing a kilt with no underwear and the odd flatulation which lifts up the back of his skirt showing his hairy ass momentarily

Most known for: Advocating for Women's rights and then proceeding to take back those rights

Early years

Raymond was born with hard-line Scottish parents who had hoped for a warrior painted in blue with brutish Highland Bagpipe style. Unfortunately early on, they spotted Ray's fetish for Barbie Dolls and low quality Bag-pipes.
This caused enormous pain inside Raymond as his parents did not validate or understand his 'feeling's'. His father was a complete chauvinist who constantly reminded him of his failure to play the pipes properly. This lead his father to throw out all of Raymond's dolls including his favorite bagpipe! In a fit of rage his father burned everything with kerosene in a dumpster. The low crying sound of the pipe's final last wales continues to haunt Raymond to this day.

Raymond is often found on the Neoxian Discord voice channel sobbing and lamenting to us about that fateful day. All Neoxian citizens created an intervention to ween him off his terrible PTSD episodes. We know it's a national day of mourning 'the burning of the dolls', but it is time to move on.

Fortunately, I myself (@bearbear613) have been able to comfort Ray and direct him to a more manly approach. Crying like a sobbing little girl on voice chat is no way to get women. I directed Ray to the men's underwear section and told him it's time to stop putting on a dress (kilt) and to definitely stop showing his balls.

Ray often tells us about his past grief and how he used to end up in benders involving drunken brawls and crack laden nights. This all spanned from 'the burning of the dolls'. The final straw was when he realized the one girl of his dreams turned out to be a cross-dresser. At that point Ray became obsessed with getting sober and making sure every women he would date.. was a woman.

Ray has a site called where he often helps men like himself fix sexless relationships. He often tells men the first step is to get rid of the dolls and use protection. Ray often uses his own knowledge to help men with similar performance issues.

Apparently a foolish woman took notice of Ray's blog. Although she might have been turned off by his often over-powering feminine side and low hanging balls; she still married him. What woman can resist a softy mixed in with pitty-sex for crypto?

Like most feminine Scottish men, Ray got the hell out of Scotland and moved to SJW loving England. This has proven challenging as he greatly despises the deep state and runs an underground Barbie Doll trade network on the deep web. Crypto is a great way to dodge the UK's overpowering fascist reach. He is currently in possession of an ultra rare Barbie from the 1960's. It is hanging in his (fe)male-cave under bulletproof and ultraviolet resistant glass. It's price tag is 2,000,000 Neoxag and he still refuses to sell it to this day.

Discord Years

Raymond joined The Neoxian Discord at around 5-6 months ago. He quickly rose to fame by buying everyone's NeoxAG at super high prices. It's been rumored he is still paying Dragon back for that loan. Even so, Raymond has Dragon rank!

Ray often tells @neoxian about his newest crypto-related investments where he often takes a loan for almost every new Steem-related game. Neoxian often tells Ray he cannot pay in dolls; but doesn't mind loaning him the money because he knows it will be lost and will need to take another loan for the original loan.

Ray is basically a good guy. His past may be a little sketchy, but I do believe he is an excellent husband and loving father. He often forgets to do giveaways, but when he does he mistakenly gives away every penny he made. This is simply because he is a good man; but not good at math. Luckily Ray is an accomplished writer and he is able to recoup his giveaway losses.

Closing thoughts:


Everybody loves Raymond even though we tell him to stop playing with his bag pipes in public.

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Bear, you got me man-crushing over here. Appealing to my 1/32 Scottish heritage, I can sympathize with Raymond, bagpipes and all. He's a good guy, among the best in the neoxian tribe.