Things that should make you pause in life..

in palnet •  6 months ago 

CHINA.. Locusts, Bears oh my!

I was having a quick conversation in NEOXIAN city, and some some things made me pause.

This is just a reminder that your shit don't smell any better than mine.. unless you drank half a bottle of scotch.




Tragic? Or was it the greatest wake up call for us all. How about this crazier message of being Fast and Reckless:



Now please bare in mind I am not trying to troll either of these two media icons. In fact many millenials will have no idea about the original Superman as more and more media icons are churned out.

Yah we all know this, and yah these messages become stale. But seriously look yourself in the mirror and think maybe this is the last day on earth. Make it your best. Tell your loved ones you are thinking of them. We can all improve. We can all be better.

Now back to shit-posts..

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