If You Can't Find The Camel, There Is A Good Chance You Will Get Alzheimers

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A friend of mine sent me this image today by text. He said if you cannot find the camel then you are more than likely on a path for Alzheimers disease. I find these message full of shite to be honest. But I did have a good look for it. I found it after a good while by the way. It is there. But what an amazing photo overall. I sent it to all my friends of course. I think this message went viral today in Ireland because there was war over whether there was a camel in the photo or not. I found it without the need for cheating and looking up anything on the internet. I hate people googling the answers. It ruins it. Give it a few minutes of solid looking and if you still can't find it, leave it and go back to it. There is no trick here. You don't have to do anything. The humpy mammel is there to be sure. Whether the cognitive dissonance puzzle decides whether you are more likely to get Alzheimers is anyone guess. I would guess hardly. But I am getting fairly forgetful in my old age. I sent it to my father. He replied
I can bearly see the elephant let alone a fucking camel!
He is 80 this year so if he hasn't got Alzheimers now he ain't never gonna get it. Sometimes the mother wished he forgot where he lived.

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I did see the camel, but then forgot where it was. What does that mean?


That deserves a sip of !BEER just for the eye strain alone.

lol, came back to it today after looking at it last night. I took it over to photo so I could zoom in and found it right away.

I love things like this. I didn't see it instantly as there is quite the size gap between all other animals. Managed to find it within a minute though.


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Oh, there it is.

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Ha. Whe you see it its as clear as day

oh I love these kind of things sir blanchy! Yes I see the little bugger. Your "old age?" lol..hey that about your dad was hilarious!

I cheated. After a good 20 mins , I was like fuck it, Googling it is. And yep. For sure the answer isnt something i was expecting 😅

It's the first animal I see now. 🤣. . ughhh

Its tricky hey

One would expect its drawn/painted similarly with the rest, but nope 😅

hi @blanchy

I just checked your profile to see if you posted anything new lately and ... NADA. Why so quiet? :)


Ive a sports account @blanchy.sports that I am building up at the moment Piotr . Thats the reason . But I will post tonight i think on my original account

what do I have to look for? I forget..

A personality 😜

I gave up on that one, years ago..



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Only found it when I went from phone to PC and zoomed around!

I did however find the pink mouse riding a white unicorn......

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I am now looking for the unicorn 😂😂

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Found it within the first minute, PFEWWW. I guess I'm good. Also, as a psychologist, I will not comment any further on the legitimacy of images like these :')

Hey @blanchy, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!