Prince Andrew Exposure Is Only Tip Of The Iceberg In Epstein Saga

in palnet •  9 months ago 

Watching the car crash Prince Andrew interview made me want to research more into Jeffrey Epsteins life and in particular his crimes. He was a billionaire apparently but looking into his career, it seems he was gifted quite alot of things. Prince Andrew couldn't of come off any worse from his interview with BBC newsnight. He is as guilty as hell as far as I am concerned. Here is the full interview. What a car crash. He is so out of touch with reality it is unbelievable.

I was really interested in this island where he trafficked underage girls to have sex with his high powered clients. I saw a list of names on Wikipedia and I am actually shocked at the names that flew down there. Bill Clinton flew to his private island 27 times. Other well known personalities that frequented his private island were Michael Jackson , Kevin Spacey, Woody Allen, Donald Trump, Matt Groening and many others. Judging by the above names this looks very very dodgy.

So some conspiracy theories that claim that he did not commit suicide in his jail cell may have a point. Apparently Jeffrey had his island hooked up with cameras everywhere just in case events like this happened. Luckily he died before he could blackmail the rich and powerful. Prince Andrew is only the tip of the ice berg. This story is going to be huge. Anyone even linked to this guy needs to be looked into seriously. It's a disgrace.
The real story will start surfacing when his long time companion Ghislaine Maxwell comes out of hiding and flips to the F.B.I. Rumours have it she has already so it will be interesting to see who she gives up for her own freedom. Watch this space.

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I've heard about J.E. for the first time a couple of years ago, and I'm following the news about him since his death. There're so many layers in this story, but I'm afraid that we won't ever know the truth.

Setting honeytraps for influential men was always in an arsenal of tools of secret services around the globe and it seems that J.E. was an expert in this trade.

By the way Ghislaine Maxwell is a daughter of Robert Maxwell who was considered an Israeli spy by many conspiracy theorists. To be honest, I doubt that she is still alive, but I wonder if she herself was connected to Mossad somehow.

Yeah Robert was a crook. Never heard tbe spy allegations

There is very interesting piece about Maxwells, Epstein and others and their connections to Mossad. Highly recommended if you want to dig a little deeper into the Epstein's case.

I don't know if he was really a spy ,but his economic and political ties with Israel were very strong. According to this article, he was buried in Judaism's most prestigious spot, the cemetery on Jerusalem's Mount of Olives. And his funeral service in Jerusalem's Hall of the People was attended by a host of Israeli politicians led by Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir and President Chaim Herzog.

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"Luckily he died before he could blackmail the rich and powerful"

His entire lifestyle was funded by doing just that, you got to dig deeper.