Stumbling Across A Superyacht

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It's cloudy in Portugal so my favourite pastime of lounging beside the pool was snatched from me by the abnormally low temperatures that were bestowed upon us. Resorts get a whole lot different when the rain starts pouring so we decided to head to a couple of places while the weather was overcast. We knew Albufeira is like feeding time at the zoo nowadays and it has become what Ibiza got its name for back in the 90s. Lots of yobs drinking all day long. It gets messy. Alright in your 20s.I would of probably been in the middle of them. But when you have a little 3 year old in the it is not a good scene. So we decoded to pay a trip to Villamoura. Where the other half life. We got a transfer from the hotel. I was curious to ask him when the last time the weather was bad in September and he replied that 4 years ago they had a rainy weekend. It made my mood a bit worst after his reply.
It was a short trip to the marina of Villamoura and I have to say it was 46a really really top class place to go. Luis Figo the footballer owns a bar there right down from Ronaldos Flagship CR7 clothes shop. His sister runs it for him and is there regularly. There was an Irish bar called the brewery there also where everyone was sittting around having nice conversations. It was more an older crowd but I really liked it.


There were many beautiful yachts on the marina but one had just docked. It was away from the others of course due to its size. It was huge.

The Vive le Vie was the name of the beast.
I did a bit of research on it while I was there. The yacht is owned by a Swiss businessman called William Michel. The yacht itself cost 800 million to build. Imagine having that kind of cash to buy a toy. Let's take a look inside.
I love stumbling across this bad boys. It made the cloudy day disappear plus I had a few pints in the Brewery bar and a nice meal in a Mexican with the yacht behind me. It wasn't such a bad day after all.

I would recommend anyone paying a visit to Villamoura. It's a cool place. It is not the first time I stumbled upon a superyacht. The Octopus sailed into Cork harbour a couple of years back. Now that was some job. How the other half live eh!!!. Now back to our little holiday apartment for a nap.

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If it cheers you up any, it's pissin' rain here too.

It sorta did. Schadenfreunden.

That moment we realize that we enjoy "the older crowd" is the moment we are older. Ha. And I think it is wonderful to be an older crowd sort. Your daughter makes for a very cute little puppy.

Love looking down my nose at the younger crowd now thinking im better than them 😂😂. She went up to the guy and asked to be a doggie

Looks like a pretty good day to have. Disappointed you didn't get your face painted and posted too though.

Nice Porsche by the way...

Haha! howdy sir blanchy! Great photo at the end there! Oh that yacht, wow! 800 million, holy smokes. fabulous.

Would you believe it . I never put a photo of it up . I posted the wrong yacht. Here it is 20190920_173203.jpg

oh my gosh! wow, that is astounding! NOW I can see why it cost 300 mill. I wonder if there are photos of it online? And no wonder it couldn't be parked with the other yachts, it's like parking a cruise ship!

I would say you are working too hard sir blanchy but you're on vacation right? lol.

Dang, where'd you go sir blanchy?

Villamoura in Portugal. Nice spot. Full of billionaires like yourself

lol! What, you are still on vacation? I thought that was weeks ago. Did you make a decision about the job offer?

I'm back . Still deciding! How are you?

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Bout time you got back sir blanchy. Everyone had to be wondering about you. I'm doing great but spending less time on Steemit. Waiting to see if even THAT is worth it. The price needs to start moving up some day! I still think the steem blockchain will do fine in the long run though, do you still think that? I'm just not as sure about Steemit.

Im focusing on my alt account blanchy.sports at the moment so i still post daily . Look if it takes off it takes off but it just got delisted from.poleniex which was my first exchange to trade on. Not a good sign. I think Dans latest project is a much better prospect..eos

Oh another account! I see, I thought you were strictly part time here now because of other things like career. family and life. I hadn't heard that about Poleniex, did they give a reason?

Yes, EOS has alot going for it. Maybe we're dummies for staying here.

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