We're All Going On A Summer Holiday.....

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I am off to Portugal on Tuesday morning for the next 11 days. Myself , my wife Aoife (try pronounce that @janton) and my little girl Grace who is nearly 3. Now Grace is peak three-nager at the moment and she will be a hand full on holidays. She is a good child but is a typical 2/3 year old keeps mammy and daddy on their feet all day. We are heading to the same place, a resort in the Algarve. We were there last year and it had everything and it was great for kids. It even has its own waterpark and a big pool for toddlers also so we are laughing. Just checked the weather down there and it giving showers for a couple of days. Shock horror. That was not in the itinary.
Anyway it could be monsoon season down there and I would still be happy.
I have a lot of things to think about while I am down there. I just received a job offer from my previous employer. It is a better job but it is further to travel. I like my commute right now so I either stay where I am and have a nice work/ life balance or leave and have better pay and prospects in the new job. Having a 3 year old and maybe more to come is telling me to stay put. I have a nice wee number at the moment and no problems but I was always ambitious so it might be bad for the soul if I do not take it.
So I have loads of pondering to do on holidays over a beer or two.
So we set off at 2pm tomorrow and we will hot down around 8pm Portugeuse time. I am in dire need for some sun sea and sand. I will be still posting every day as I will have nothing better to do but it will be in the sun. Looking forward to it now especially the food and the best thing about it is I know what is good in all the restaurants because I was there last year.
We want to pop over to Vilamoura while we are down there to have dinner on the marina. Anyway I will post up some of the sights. Right now I gonna have to go and pack.

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Take the Job Jack Ass!

Hey btw, how the hell are ya?

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Im great badger! How are you?? Any more kids? Where have you been

I was fed up with Steemit, but now I am back haha! Just crazy busy with kids and all that trying to get back to normal posting. I hope you enjoy that holiday though!

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Have fun Blanchy! Make the most of it as winter is long.

Sun, sea, sand, beer, steem. Great combo. Portugal is nice too.

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which hotel? I used to manage a team of reps in the algarve and love that place... enjoy the san miguel and a pastel de nata

Alfagar apt hotel just outside albufeira. Its nice. Glad someone else tried the pastel de nata

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Howdy sir blanchy! Grace is such a beautiful name and I'm sure your much better half's name is also if I could just pronounce it! lol..so you are very correct I have no clue. What an interesting conundrum and decision to make.

What does your wise, much better half think?

my wise other half is saying stay put because she knows it is longer hours. Her name is pronounced Eeeeefaaa. Maybe Eva is closest.

Oh that's a beautiful name too! How long do you have before you give them an answer? Longer hours may be too great a sacrifice at this stage of your life. The Missus is probably right.

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