Facing Billions In New Lawsuits: Catholic Church Still Dealing With A Sex Abuse Problem

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The claims against the Catholic Church continue to mount, with countless victims alleging that they were victimized by the hands of various individuals who have been associated with the church.

Over the last few years, in 15 states around the U.S., officials have revised the rules surrounding the statute of limitations. This has in effect given more opportunity now to victims to bring claims forward that might go back decades, and this has meant that a number of victims are now pointing fingers at the church.

The changes could inspire at least 5,000 or more new sexual abuse cases, which could mean that victims potentially see billions paid out to them.

Overall, they could be facing a $4 billion problem now if those victims are successful in proving any wrongdoing and seeking compensation from the organization.

The church has a long history of facing thousands of sex abuse scandals, and members with the organization still today are stepping down because of the controversy that's associated. It has been described as a worldwide crisis, one going on for decades, the sex abuse that has been inflicted upon children by members who have been associated and working for the church.

According to one independent board that was reviewing the claims, they have concluded that the Catholic Church has perpetually failed victims.

They've suggested that the church has demonstrated a pattern for bias in favor of protecting their own and shown little understanding or empathy for victims of the abuse.

Though the church might seek to engage in a great deal of positive activity and giving around the world, the sex abuse has certainly been a stain on the group and there has not been enough of an effort to stand aggressively against such predatory behavior. That is because at times we have seen the church shielding sex abusers one time too many, trying to sweep it under the rug when the right course is for those criminals to be exposed and held accountable for their violation of the rights of others. Not protected.

Predator members of the church have been shuffled from one area to the next too many times.

One of their great ideas long ago that was aimed to try and help the situation was mandatory review boards that would be able to review various allegations that get made. However, an AP investigation of those review boards found they have broadly failed at that goal. In fact, those boards have largely operated in secrecy, routinely undermined sex abuse claims, and even allegedly shielded priests and sought to help the church avoid compensating victims.

“It’s a fraud. It’s a sham. It’s a cover-up,...There’s no one on the board that cares for the victim…it’s all about protecting the church.” - alleged victim 56 year old D. Lasher

This new surge in claims though is looking like a messy problem for the church, yet again another sex abuse-fueled scandal to deal with that could cost millions, even billions.

As one attorney has rightly pointed out, the public in general is fed up and they are disgusted with the sex abuse that's been committed by those associated with the church and that sentiment should be reflected in the jury verdicts, if they make it that far and don't seek to settle beforehand.

The statute of limitations has kept victims silent and prevented them in the past from coming forward, but since that restriction has been lifted it's now prompting many to reveal their story.

Those allegations still need to be proven to be truth though, but it unfortunately wouldn't be the first time that the church has been found guilty of such abuse. For right now the cases are still flooding in. Even though they could see potential payouts that are in the billions of dollars, it's not going to make much of a dent to a group that is worth at least tens of billions. They have already spent over 1 billion over the past few decades alone as a result of the various sex abuse cases that have been filed against them.

Even today, there are still over 1,500 priests and other clergy members who are credibly considered to have engaged in child sexual abuse, that are now acting as teachers, counselors, and coaches to various children.

Since leaving the church many of them have committed a variety of crimes. In many cases where an individual with the church might get charged or be suspected of abusing a child, they often leave before being criminally convicted. In recent years, the church has sought to start releasing the names of some of those who have been accused; thousands have been suspected of abuse in the past. There has always been an issue of how the church might go about tracking or monitoring such problem employees but they are restricted in what they can do, so are authorities as well unless the individual is convicted.


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I think more exercisms are needed.

Wishing you the very best from Koh Phagnan Thailand! :)

Hi @doitvoluntarily,
Half a day I thought what comment to write. I could not come up with the correct comment. A very serious topic.

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Thank you very much, everything is already working out.

I note this predatory sexual abuse intrinsic to the institution was why Pope Palpatine was elected. It's gonna get worse. The entire Catholic administration in Chile has apparently functioned as little more than a brothel for priests to prey on altar boys.




This is why I don't like most religions if not all religions... they were important in the past, to give people a purpose and to give people a sense that they either behaved or they would go to hell or whatever the hell correspondent is in other religions, but because of all the power that religions have, humans have been fighting each other for millenia in their "god's" names... The crusades, Jihads, etc... Even the US gov does stuff in the name of god. And in the meanwhile the priests are these corrupt and wicked, how can people that are "so close" to god do things like these!

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