The Failed War That Is The War In Afghanistan

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The United States launched a war in Afghanistan almost two decades ago and it has become the longest running war in its history. Ironically, the conflict had been code named, Operation Enduring Freedom, then later which it is known as now, Operation Freedom's Sentinel.

Costing taxpayers $40 billion+ every year.

Thousands of innocent lives have been lost on both sides, too many families have been destroyed as a result. Communities have been torn apart and left suffering from the fallout of this ongoing conflict.

A Total Failure

In the last 20 years, the people of the United States have had to sacrifice dearly for this fight. They've not only had to pay unimaginable amounts to fund the conflict, but they've paid with a deterioration to their liberty as well. As a result of the ongoing conflict, and the many more which have sprung up since, the United States has further solidified its reputation as a warmongering nation with its foreign policy. It is a policy which does not foster peace and liberty, but fuels the destruction of it in a variety of ways.

Attempting to police the world is a bankrupt strategy.

If the United States soon makes the move to finally withdraw their troops entirely from Afghanistan, what are we left to think of the entire ordeal that has spanned almost 20 years now? I see it as one of the most costly and long-running failures in the history of humanity.

The conflict was launched with the promise of eroding terror, but today the Council on Foreign Relations still insists that the Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan remains resilient across the region; they want us to believe that terrorism is still a serious problem. This is one battle that could easily continue to cost trillions for decades to come and it comes not as a service to the people, but as a detriment to their freedom, prosperity, and liberty. And those footing the bill aren't given a choice of whether or not they want to continue paying.


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as far as im concerned every war the americans start since world war two is a failure and a scam
the americans controlled by the central planners are the biggest terrorists in the world bud
in saying that great article and ice to see that there is lots of informed people on steem

I've had an idea for a long time, that I think could be a reality one day. The inspiration actually came from the idea of Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency. The idea was to start voluntarily start paying our taxes to what we want our taxes to be spent on, making that tax deductible, and then leaving less, or no money for war. I figured if people can invent something like bit coin, we can also create systems to control that money, and who's hands it goes into.

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great point bud but it will never happen lol
the govt has no money the money they give to people comes from stealing off others and the printing of money rips absolutely everyone off since it devalues the currency
have a great day bud

Well, thank George Wanker Bush for that, another war criminal that got away. And Obama for not putting an end to it, same as to Guantanamo.
And if the US troops leave Afghanistan now, give it 6 month and things are exactly where they were before 2001. The Taliban in power and the country back in medival times. Another lost war on the list.
And now the morons are concidering who to attack next - Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, or even China or Russia. All that while they cannot even succeed against some idiots with AKs and RPGs. What could go wrong there...?

get ready for an economic collapse world wide and possibly another world war thanks to the american controlled by the elitist satanic bankers
good comment bud

It was a success for those that profited from it but a failure for the rest of us, not least the soldiers that died for nothing.

@doitvoluntarily, The most painful aspect of War is, it makes everything cripple and situations turns into disasters and most importantly people live in fear in every moment, this situation is not less than hell. Stay blessed.

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