Music: Sober Up - Joe Budden Ft. Crooked i

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Sober UpJoe Budden Ft. Crooked i

I broke down a while ago, finally picking up the pieces.
Memoirs on how the undefeated, can feel depleted...
I don't talk to God, as a matter of fact I plead with.
At times I hate my reflection and others I'm conceited.

I love the lyrical ability Joe Budden has, but any artist who's gone thru true struggle in their life and rose above it, generally has some incredible lyrical talent. This song hits so hard with me because a lot of the time I'm conflicted because I'm very confident, but I also see all my flaws and beat my own self up over them at times and it can become crippling and cause you to get reckless, as you start to give less and less of a fuck about your environment. Luckily there's a point of return for us all and in my life, I've never gone past that point. I've always been able to come back from my mishaps. Hopefully you can too. Perseverance is key in this world, it's the only true way we thrive. :) Stay safe out there, things are still rough in the world with the global pandemic. Think, don't have pride. It's about killing this virus as fast as possible and diminishing it's spread, not about civil liberties... Use common sense, please, so many lives depend on it.

They hit me with everything but the kitchen sink.
How ironic; Same place I vomit, when I liquor drink.
Apparently I need to get a shrink.
How could therapy take care of me,
When I don't give a fuck what niggas think?

Strong ass words and some real ass shit. Iykyk.

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