-20% STEEM in a free fall today ... what is really happening?

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Welcome to this post and please leave a comment if you really did read it, because I fear none will.

Before I start, this post has two beneficiaries:

  • 5% @Steampeak for their great work
  • 5% @Inertia for beeing one of the first witnesses of the opinion I'm about to share again with this post

So this is what's happening:
20190924 22_25_05Steem STEEM Preis, Charts, Marktkapitalisierung und andere Messgrößen _ CoinMa.png

There is also no doubt about the value since it is established by transactions with the volume of more than a quarter-million dollars:
20190924 22_49_21Steem STEEM Preis, Charts, Marktkapitalisierung und andere Messgrößen _ CoinMa.png

The main part of the reason is a pothole in the overall Crypto Market, BTC is also down ~13% at this very point of me writing this. So the relative loss of STEEM to BTC would be only around additional ~7%.

Still makes me wonder...

Is HF 20/21 'The single best thing happening' to STEEM #NEWSTEEM

, besides giving free Downvotes to everyone! YAY!

For me, living on the moral side of life is always the best choice. I don't downvote based on only my subjective opinion. That is nasty behaviour to me, a downvote is a personal statement.

I don't discriminate dwarfs or people of the LGBT(Q) community in real life. Nor do I take part in any verbal or written assault of opinions for any greater meaning than having a fair discussion afterward.

My one greater goal is just to be REAL, and that is often more than people actually can handle. That is especially dangerous on discord, as I had to realize -_-

BUT since HF20/21 Patch days, downvoting has already established itself as a part of STEEM culture, even if I don't like it. Maybe I have to reconsider my viewpoints, in the end.

You should never trust yourself unless you did double-check.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself!
-Ice Cube

Am I 20190924 02_35_36mspwavesaudience.png ??20190807 19_08_22TASK Marketplace.png should I?

So let's get down to some real Facts!

1. Top Rewards dropped a lot!

source: https://steempeak.com/steem/@tarazkp/the-top-lists-and-the-bottom-shifts

Only last month @haejin with $3,437.788, @coldsiksu with $1,835.176 and @traf with $1,589.967 in 30day had been the to authors. New we have @gooddream with $829.525, @steemcleaners with $624.566 and @acidyo with $577.401 in the Top 3.

Classic Steem@haejin $3,437@coldsiksu $1,835@traf $1,589
#NewSteem@gooddream $829@steemcleaners $624@acidyo $577

So I'm not going to dig deeper into this with this post, there's too much dirt to find. But look what happened to Mr. @haejin after HF20/21 took pace:
20190924 23_47_15haejin _ SteemPeak.png
Disclaimer: Targeted by coordinated downvotes and got freakN' stomped!

Should be a sign of better Reward distribution overall, might also just be not.

2. User numbers still steady falling

source: https://steempeak.com/statistics/@arcange/steem-statistics-20190923-en

HF20/21 didn't show to have any impact on that so far.

3. The Explore Page looks tidily

Anytime I checkde the Explore Page the last days (~top50), there are only authors with Rep 60+ and a good amount of network and SP behind them, sided with some posts ocd/b did promote.

That's all I wanna write about this for now - facts only.
20190925 00_07_14Topics _ SteemPeak.png

Here is what I think:
One of the fundamental paradigms of what makes STEEM better than others, is the capability of hosting Free Speech as inhabitation of freedom of choice. HF21 didn't improve that for me so far.

Meanwhile, a lot of people talk/write about mass onboarding and the uprise of the different creative and powerful projects on the STEEM Blockchain. I can not stop asking myself if they really have hidden knowledge or plans of what I don't know yet or if their optimism is just their personal feature.

What really is fact: I will get downvotes on this post, even if basically none will read it - HF21 is not nice to me so far.

Yesterday on MSP Waves @r0nd0n said that we live in clown world anyway, so I'll conclude with asking myself: "Why so serious?"

Have nice evening, Manni

ps. Don't forget to downvote me for being a member of that Upvotebank.

Maybe check my last Video, it's fun to watch :))
--> https://steempeak.com/dtube/@manniman/ul7mnihs91g

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Well for me it's clear as water, from an investors perspective Steem=Steemit, when Steem api stopped lately you could notice that everything went to the toilet...

So, why would any sensible man put a penny in a project who has a gigantic blood bath of 800k Steem sold each month to grant a completely proven incompetent lot (not that I could have done better, it's just that they failed miserably their self-stablished deadlines and they also are terrible at communicating with their customers) a nice pay day?

Steem is not longer the one and only when to comes down to it's technology, so we need a strong incentive for people with big pockets to trust in this project...

Just my 2 cents.

I'm not 100% how Steemit is earning STEEM and how big their Backup is. The Account @STEEM holds another ~31.000.000,00 STEEM but is not an active player in the game.

If the STEEM price will further drop, we will see the influence of STEEMit also dwindle fast and other people will take over the main power on the blockchain. That might very well be already happening.

I personally don't use steemit.com any more, I'm a steempeak guy :))

Lol I love steempeak, but since I expended most of my time on the phone I mostly use the esteem app, if you have a mobile device you should try it, so far it has been a great experience using it.

esteem is good, yes, using it too sometimes. But being social on my mobile all the time is very time consuming. I'd rather read and write on my pc and stay faster.

If I could I would choose the same, but most of the day I still have to sneak my time to Steem since I got tons of other things to do away from home 🤣

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I read your post 😜 And I am with you, WTF is going on? I keep asking myself if I am clinging to a sinking ship or if this is just how new innovation goes sometimes?! Whatever the case I am just happy i didnt by a bunch of steem at any poin this year cuz the price just keeps sinking regardless of innovation.. Lame..

A big problem is that the Witness Server produces STEEM and cost FIAT Money. I hope that people are willing to finance their server through the low. The calculation is already in red numbers.

I believe the new steem has improved the ecosystem.

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The Nr.2 of the List @coldsiksu stopped completely being active and he and his direct friends are stacking liquid STEEM at the moment.

@deepcrypto8 now 3.2Million liquid Steem... what the hell is going on over there
okok ... https://musing.io/q/antonio.buffon/p3rv5hlex it is Binance after all

There are some accounts with crazy amounts of Steem and no intention of playing HF21 with us... I don't know what they are up to... but I can tell you, they are not going to curate small users. They will sell-off and leave most likely.

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The real power of HF21 - I don't upvote myself anymore.

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