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Finally he has arrived! Welcome @patlog


It has been month already, since I was talking about the basics of influencer onboarding to STEEM. In most cases, it was to my business partners and especially to this particular one. Let me introduce my fellow german friend Patrick.

If your only active social media channel is STEEM, you might get to think that STEEM is the best concept for social media posting anyway and that most of the world is just not aware of that fact. Well, if that is the case - you're just wrong. Onboarding is not only a technical challenge but also a marketing challenge. All big influencers who dared to put a foot on STEEM, turned away again (super fast @steemflow). Here is just the latest example https://steempeak.com/@melinaceline -> Survived 2 posts? -..- (https://www.instagram.com/melinaceline/?hl=de), is underaged anyway o.Ó


But there are a lot of reasons why influencers are staying away from here and I'm willing to tackle them together with @Patlog. The project name we came up with is Independent Influencer Initiative, in short 3xi. The goal of 3xi is to create a tribe, that actually attracts influencer and fulfills their needs.


You can look around on his instagram, for an early impression:
20191021 07_13_53PATRICK STΛT patrick__stat • Instagram photos and videos  Brave.png
20191021 07_14_55PATRICK STΛT patrick__stat • InstagramFotos und Videos.png

Steem <=!=> Classical Social Media

As you can see, he decided to switch his style to a nostalgic 80s style, will fit very good into the @neoxian tribe.

But for now, go and check him out! There will be plenty of new content every day, starting this afternoon!


Best Regards, Manni

My last post about 3xi:

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