Where is STEEM in the Influencer World?

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How do I know

In early 2019, I was still hosting Social Media Shooting in the region of Munich. I'd gather 5-10 models, arrange a good location, book a professional photographer and sometimes also a videographer. Just the post production took up to 40 hours of professional work, which costs a lot of money!

You might think: 'Ok, a lot of action and costs! There was a sponsor to pay for that.'

That is bloody wrong. It's all for the content creation - everyone just made money that day.

It's all about good content for Instagram, Facebook and YouTube posts. Good profiles with good posts do pay bills.


That is a collage of one of these shoots, the date was January 2019. I'm the left guy in the middle, with the blue shirt making a fist.


Getting into the topic, STEEM & influencer

When it comes to STEEM, at the moment there is no way that a shooting creates enough ROI to be paid. Even if the STEEM price would be at 1$, still merely possible. To understand how to work with Influencers on STEEM, I had to open up some fundamental questions of the social media world and add STEEM into the equations.

What I ended up with, was redefining basic knowledge:

  1. Define an influencer
  2. General types of influencer
  3. Quality of a follower base
  4. Quality of content
  5. 'Old Media' vs 'New Media'
  6. Workflow of influence
  7. Value of influence
  8. Idols vs influencer

Leading to:
-> Influencer Tribe
-> Influencer Token

If you're interested now, you just need to follow me for the next few weeks. I'll get to everything in this list, multiple times.

As part of Project:3xi, I'll talk about these topics with different content creators and advertisers live on video. You will find those videos mainly on 3Speak.


Check out my announcement on 3Speak:

Have a nice evening, Manni

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