Henry Rollins - portrait painting

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Photoshop mostly

At first it wasn't even meant to be Henry.
I just took a piece of charcoal and draw this ugly face you can see at the beginning of gif.
Then I thought :

  • What it could be, besides it always could be Hellboy... Rollins! Yeah, Henry Rollins has this pitbull-like snout.
    There will be almost no painting required!

I was wrong
It took me 1,5 h in Photoshop.
But I'm quite happy with it.


stages :


Reference photo:

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Excellent, I like subtle and blurred tones!

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So, what's your favorite song by Black Flag? :D

O boy! I completely missed Black Flag Era, I noticed him in Rollins Band with "Liar". But mostly I discovered him again from his Spoken Word/ Standup shows. He has a lot of interesting things to say about Life, The World, and Everything :)