A Bit of Gardening

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Recently my beloved Orchid plant bloomed. The bloom lasted for two months. I hadn’t realized Orchid flowers can last so long.

Not long after the flowers fell off, the plant grew a new shoot. I was very pleased to see that.

It was a healthy shoot and it grew very quickly.


Unfortunately, space was a little tight as it struggled to grow between two other older plants. Something has to be done. I considered transplanting it, but I didn’t want to risk killing it in the process.


So, the only option was to snip off one of the other plant/stem.

That worked. The new shoot was very happy with the extra space, and it grew quite a bit in the space of a few days.



Hopefully, there will be another bloom like the previous one before too long.

Right, I did say it was a bit of gardening.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Hive 2.jpg ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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you can try a new pot with a new variety 8)

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I don't have a lot of space on my corridor. 😊

  ·  5 months ago Reveal Comment

I don't think Orchid do well indoors. 😊

  ·  5 months ago Reveal Comment

Don't know anything about them. Maybe later.