💥BOOM!!!💥 Nearing 3000 SPINVEST Tokens, Target 5000! 👍 SALES ARE GOING WILD!!! 😎

in palnet •  8 months ago  (edited)

SPI tokens are worth over 1.1 Steem each, current purchase price is 1.1 Steem (a Bargain!) and the fund is growing all the time! @SPINVEST will be close to 25,000 by the end of the month or before, and earnings should be close to 500 Steem per month at that time. I am going from memory, and doing a little math based on this comment by SPInvest himself:

The reward planned for 50,000 is a 1000 SPI giveaway. lol. Sounds like alot but 50k SP should earn 1k STEEM in a month.

Of course I am "pimping" these tokens, the more we sell, the more we EARN! Get them while they are CHEAP!!!


gett'em while they are HOT!!! 😱

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Massive ;)

ALL 👧👭

the gurlies tell me that 😋🤣😂😹

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