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The first music instrument I "learned" to play was the soprano recorder.

It was not a wish of mine but all children at school did it. It was part of the education and it started at the age of 6 years old.
The first two years we were teached by Mrs. Mulder. She wasn't kind and she was not only the teacher for the music lessons. I doubt she liked teaching at all and the only reason she teached was because too many children were accepted for that school.


The school had it's own orchestra and it was good. Really good. Teacher Wouda was talented and beloved and played several instruments himself. We had some talented children so they learned to play other instruments as well.
I can remember my sibling practice the recorder and one of the sons of neighbors too. The sound is hard to miss. The neighbours' son was good at it.
If I practiced? I assume I did but I never understood what the teacher tried to explain if it came to reading music notes.

Years later (about 11) I gave it a try again.
I liked it at that time. It was a home study given by Stef Meeder. You learned to play famous songs and received casette straps to play along.
The joy was over as a neighbor smashed my front door and the police came to remove the guy. They couldn't believe it was that annoying. I assume the owner of the apartment fixed my front door in some way.

Again years later (about twenty) I played with the youngest two.
The idea was both learned the soprano recorder first, next alto and bass. The music teacher forced them into the clarinet and I only agreed if the recorder lessons continued too. He promised it but didn't keep it. Both gave up on it and we sold two clarinets and kept one.

We still have the recorders.
Who knows in thirty years I will play again. The wooden are vintage now and the others will be too at that time. They all have a completely different sound what surprises me.

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