NaNoWriMo 3 - Saints.

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Another NaNoWriMo, it is my third day and I hope to catch up a bit. So far I wrote 4,000+ words.
NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. See here.
@freewritehouse does organize a bit of #nanowrimo so a good reason to give it a try. No need to write a novel as long as you keep writing. Type them down those 50,000 words. It sounds like a hell of a job but it is less as 2k a day and if you are active
here on Steemit (posting and typing) you easily make it.

I started writing at 6 am in the car.

The youngest and I had to kill an hour time before school opened its doors. Kids who arrive on the bus at 7 am have to wait outside in the cold.
In front of the school this pathetic person started typing in her small car (windows open so we get some fresh air) a story she had not in mind. That is how it goes if the mind is blank and you just wrote a great story.

If it comes to the great story none of you will ever find out about it since not one single comment was given.
The best place to find readers and critics is in my own family and on WordPress.

One of the best stories I wrote in a very long time is a tale.

It is a life tale and a poem, and it counts about 1300 words. By writing this it is clear a poem of 200 words isn't impossible you just need to be in the mood to do it. But that is the same with each poem written. A certain mood brings the poet.

8:30 am
And yes, I am home again. I wrote about 80 lines which are not enough I need about 300 hundred which I cannot post. Partiko does not allow it. No idea what Steemit accepts but I will not try it out for hours again. I learned from #MarchMadness.
It means I cannot post everything I write down. This is no problem since Steemit is the place where readers are rare and the rest doesn't care (and that is not because they are all in Bangkok celebrating and have the time of their life or pretend they have it.).

Steem might be worthless by now.
Let's see what the holidays brings us.
Shall we ask Steem for Christmas this year or better play safe and go for an envelope of 100 euro? I doubt Santa has time. The population of humans on earth is increasing but if it comes to elves it is not. The thing about elves is they hardly exist. There is no room for them in the country of the yes/no Brexit. I guess they already kicked those elves out of the UK because they cannot identify themselves, no ID, no visa = not legal.
Perhaps a visa card is a help or people will be at their hand once it is Christmas? In the name of the good spirit or some holy idea, this might work.

The elves better be fast, people easily forget. As soon it is one minute after Christmas the spirit is gone. The shooting and scolding at each other starts and there is no longer need keeping up appearances (great BBC series).
Off they go, back to the shop with all those unwanted Christmas gifts and ask their money back. You cannot consume the next ugly vase. Without flowers, a vase is useless anyway.
If the shop refuses to take the unwanted stuff back it goes straight into the garbage can.
Right after the holidays selling it via the internet is no option. Everyone is present on the web these days there is a very big chance the one who gave it to you finds out how ungrateful you are and you faked as you said "I always dreamed of owning such artistic vase and the whole neighborhood will envy me for it."

Santa...... Santa and his little helpers.

Interesting word choice... "Little helpers". It sounds better as slaves, which they actually are. If you let little people work for you day and night and give them a treat for salary it is slavery!
We know all about them thanks to the cameras, the ones who dared to speak and those who made documentaries out of it. Santa's slavery is not unnoticed.

Santa we are watching you!
You will never win the Nobel prize for the best employer of the year, century or in the world.

Santa himself is not the hardest worker around.
He has more in common with a fat whale. He finds it normal the little fish (uhh...I mean little people and children) feed him with cookies and milk (milk is food too and meant for babies. Is Santa a baby?).
As we know from Santa's history he only works one night a year and his shape proves more will not be in it. I doubt he stuffs himself with milk and cookies only. Since Coca-Cola put this guy in the picture he is fat and wears red!

Santa Claus is a combination of Saint Nicholas and Father Winter. I wonder why people who emigrate to another country and spit on the habits and celebrations of their home country suddenly baptize Father Winter into Santa Claus, kidnap him and the elves out of their home country and dump them far, far away from civilization on the North pole.
I am interested in hearing Santa in Finland his opinion or the one living in Greenland. We probably will never know but it makes sense they hide so cps or some other organization will not come to rescue the elves. Christmas is the first priority no matter if the elves like it or not.


Elves are one of the first living creatures on earth.
I say one of the first which is not the same as first. And no they do not look like those creatures with wings. They only exist in the mind of humans who like to see the world more colorful as it is. Elves are not needed to color flowers and take care of mother Nature. Elves are not great looking either. If you are familiar with the story of the seven dwarfs you know what I mean.

Seven little, ugly men living together in the woods and using a young child as their slave.
Slavery is of all ages and has nothing to do with a certain species or color of the skin. Through the centuries women have always been slaves and no one cares about that. Once used to a certain habit it is the norm. Women who refuse you can stone to death. There is no punishment for that. Even in the Western world, it is adopted (the "holy" books say it is allowed but you can lock them in in a madhouse too or shot them in the head or beat the crap out of them to give them a lifetime to think over how bad they are.) Again we feel pity for the criminal, not the victim, he was confused. Confused men are crazy but a madhouse is for women only (at least one safe house).

The little girl abused by those seven men had to cook and clean for them and her life was not as great as Walt Disney paints it to us. She wasn't a princess either but the story of a miserable princess in life danger sounds way better as the story of an orphan that had no place to go. It is still a miracle to me that the hunter did not kill her or abused her.
I doubt if he was a smart guy. If you ask me you are not if you send a 7-year-old into the woods alone!
Ever been in the forest in Germany in the neighborhood of the "seven hills?" (Yes, the place exists and the hills are there and it is a long stroll for a little girl to cross them and find a place to stay and it is impossible to do that overnight.).

Back to the fat man and his "little helpers".
No worry, he will give you what you ask for since he is good! Saints are good so they cannot play the bad guy. Santa is the shining star everyone talks about. No one adores a reindeer or elf unless you are one yourself.
If you are good you can sit on his lap and answer stupid questions like "What do you like to have for Christmas?" and "Have you behaved well?" Why is that man asking you if he knows everything?

Saint Nicholas never asks. He knows because he has a book. If you are in the book it is good or perhaps only bad kids are written down these days. I guess it depends on what is easier and less writing. Saint Nicholas has helpers too. Adults, not little people or dwarfs or elves or kids. Those adults have way better eyes and ears as we have, are acrobatic and they can eat marzipan and candies without getting bad teeth! They are always happy and can travel where they like. They clearly have no ID and visa issues like the elves. Their looks open each door, we are happy to have them.

You seldom see Sint Nicholas eat.
He is happy with a drawing or letter which means more interested in art and reading as Santa Claus who's first concern is stuffing himself. He will live longer because he is not chubby, can ride a horse and will not die from a heart attack or be diabetics. You can sit on his lap too. His beard is clean you won't find cookie crumbs or milk rests in it so you have a safe sit. Dirty old men are not attractive.

Saint Nicholas is a modern guy.
He wears a dress and no one laughs at his face. If you are men and like to wear a dress or skirt do as you like. Keep the holy guy in mind, be you. There is no need to start a demonstration in which you show you are different and like to be treated as normal, the rest. You are free to wear what you like. If not in your country, emigrate. You can since you have an ID, elves not. They do not have an ID. Their only way to get out is to be kidnapped by a fat guy who cannot stop laughing and eating. (If you replay Santa's voice several times he sounds like a maniac.)

Does Santa need help?
I think he does and should work on his addictions perhaps he can read @fitinfunfood's books about losing weight and living a healthy life. He is way too fat.
I read a lot of fat in the belly causes cancer. For sure he has high blood pressure. Like said he is sponsored by Coca-Cola which means addicted to cola. The light coke will not save him. @mariannewest told me people who drink light soda are even fatter as those who are not.

Big chance the Coca-Cola factory pays for your presents which means you can send your long list with wishes to Coca-Cola too. It will be faster and saves the elves a lot of work. They will be grateful to you. Big chance Coca-Cola invests in Steem after reading this, which means you can ask them to give it to you for Christmas. Do not forget to give your wallet address if saves work.

Back to the elves.

Those ugly little people. They deserve a better life and their own country. A place where no one tells them what to do and they can do as they like.
Elves are beings with feelings too and do not belong on the North pole, in Lapland or Greenland. Let us open our borders, gardens, and hearts for the elves. Try to be blind to what they look like and see what they really are.

This time I will not tell you a story about elves or dwarfs or gnomes. The story of Goodheart the dwarf, and the giant's son-in-law I wrote yesterday and I already shared with you.
To you, this might sound like one of these stories, an ordinary tale and a lot of reading. The fact is Goodheart is real. I did not make him up. He was a very hard worker, talented and gave 200% if it came to achieving his goals. He was successful although not adored. No matter how hard he tried to make other creatures comfortable. He gave a lot, not only love but also wealth.
Goodheart had a good heart. He helped out those in need but their attitude changed him. He was not awarded for his good deeds. No trophy for him. I am sure he gave and invested way more in others as Santa ever did.
Santa will not give you a shelter, a home, Santa will not come to your aid or listen and advise you in times of need. I wonder what made this man so famous and Goodheart so unwanted.

_The trophy of the best guy goes to the dwarf. He is no Saint bus also not Catholic.

2232 words and I did not use one single line of those I wrote this morning between 6 - 7 am.

I wrote more, much more...

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Day one of NaNoWriMo

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@olivia08 thanks for the beer❤️

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Saludos amiga. Viendo a santa, desde ese punto de vista, no es agradable.
Mejor borro estos comentarios y me quedo con los agradables comentarios de mi infancia. Jejejeje. Feliz día.

No tenemos un Santa Claus solo San Nicolás el 5 de diciembre. No recuerdo solo ver la ballena Coca-Cola. Feliz día y gracias por comentar. Abrazos 💕

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Aquí tiene todos los nombres del mundo. Papá Noel, Santa C, San Nicolas. y Ya no recuerdo cual más. Todos son el mismo.

El padre invierno también existe. Tenía un atuendo como Santa Claus pero en verde. Su existencia tiene sentido para mí. San Nicolás es un hombre que pertenece a la iglesia católica y su cumpleaños es el 6 de diciembre. Papá Noel no tiene nada que ver con la Navidad, el nacimiento de Jesús. A estas alturas podrían ser el nombre, pero para mí no lo son.

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Para nosotros los católicos Santa clos, Santa Claus, Papá Noel, San Nicolas, es el mismo personaje. Es un símbolo de la navidad, del 24 de diciembre. En donde con el nacimiento de Jesús, también implementado por un santo católico, se celebra Navidad.
San Nicolas y sus otros nombres, también era un obispo católico, de donde parte la tradición, por las historias que lo circundan. Y que ocurrieron según la tradición, el mismo 24 de diciembre.
A mi particularmente, me gusta hacer el nacimiento, en casa. Porque Santa, es más bien un personaje de la historia Europea. Con sus trajes bien arropado por el frío, que no pasa aquí, porque siempre es caluroso aquí. Un abrazo.

@gertu Para nosotros, San Nicolás es un bisschop. El bisschop de Myrna. Le dio dinero a los pobres. Lleva la ropa de un bisschop que hace bastante frío si hace mucho frío.❤️

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