Good Samaritan, Ethics ...or "naive"?

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Infamous for 419ers, Nigeria has some very inspiring stories too. This fall a Nigerian Mr. Keith Mali Chung's wallet mistakenly got a huge $80,000 worth of bitcoins by some anonymous transfer.

What if your wallet get such a transfer? Wouldn't it be a reason to rejoice?

When you don't know who transferred to you and why, normally it is considered as gift of the God. But this person wasn't like the most of us. He spread the word about it though social networks to find if someone has mistakenly transferred this sum. And in the eventuality of no one responding, he even declared that this bitcoins will be donated for charity work to Binance.

As Nigerians often used Whatsapp escrow for transacting cryptos, fortunately the message reached the original sender and he responded. Keith then immediately transferred all the bitcoins he received from him.

What a good samaritan is he! Or is he? Many of us would think it as a God sent opportunity that he missed. Won't you?

At least, I think that way. In past, on several occasions I and my friends have mistakenly sent transactions to some other Steemian account by mistake. Although the transaction wasn't this huge (it were only a few SBDs or STEEM), no one bothered to return it despite several requests. And here, I'm talking about this closely knitted social community ...not some anonymous person.

In this capitalist social model of cut-throat competition, greed isn't easy to overcome. Only a few of us can connect to our innate humane nature!

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