Featuring SteemLeo - Week 86s Curation Contest Winners!

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Thank you to everyone who took time to curate great content for Week 86's Curation Contest. Make sure to visit the current week's Curation Contest to find some great content or to make your own entry.


Judges Choice Winners

Here are the winners of 1 SBI share each sponsored by the Judges.

Judge & SponsorCuratorEntry #Links
@thedarkhorse@trincowskiEntry #2Steemit or SteemPeak
@viking-ventures@stortebekerEntry #5Steemit or SteemPeak
@tryskele@bengyEntry #4Steemit or SteemPeak
@trincowski@justclickindivaEntry #3Steemit or SteemPeak

Featured Bloggers of Judges Choice SBI Winners

Each Judges Choice Winner featured 2 great bloggers and they will each get an SBI share for lifetime votes on their posts.

Judges Choice WinnerFeatured Blogger #1Featured Blogger #2Sponsor

Random Winner

This week are 2 random winners of 1 SBI share Sponsored by @pifc & @thedarkhorse

WinnerEntry Post
@iamraincrystalEntry #1Steemit or SteemPeak

Bonus Autovote from @pifc

For this week everyone who makes a valid entry will get a daily autovote on up to 1 post per day. The percentage of this vote is purely based on the percentage that you voted on @pifc. You will get anywhere from 10% up to 25%. To get 25% you needed to give @pifc a 100% upvote, if you gave a 50% vote to PIFC then you will get 17.5%.

CuratorEntry% of Daily Vote
@iamraincrystalEntry #125%
@trincowskiEntry #225%
@justclickindivaEntry #325%
@bengyEntry #425%
@stortebekerEntry #525%

Bonus Autovote from @thedarkhorse

The Judges Choice Winners will each receive an autovote for 1 post per day from @thedarkhorse purely based on the percentage they upvoted the @pifc contest post. This is a bonus and voting for @pifc isn't required to be part of the main contest, but this is @thedarkhorse using his personal stake to help encourage people to support @pifc with 100% upvotes.

CuratorEntry #Vote Percentage
@iamraincrystalEntry #125% (didn't win, but want to support)
@trincowskiEntry #2100%
@justclickindivaEntry #350%
@bengyEntry #4100%
@stortebekerEntry #566%


This Weeks Sponsors

The following sponsors made the prize pool possible. Please make sure to show them some appreciation.
@bengy, @andrewharland, @stever82, @roleerob, & @thedarkhorse.

Special Thanks to Our Judges

This week we are giving a small thank you to the Judges and giving a 5% beneficiary to each from this post. It's a small amount, but wanted to give a little back to our judges.



All steem-bounty payouts should have happened by now. Special thanks to @knircky, he is the brains behind @steem-bounty and he does a lot to help boost the contest posts allowing for higher rewards.


Staked Tokens - Show Support of Tribes

@pifc has started to build up a couple tokens to help add extra value to our community. Posts with #palnet, #neoxian, #creativecoin, #jahm, or #marlians will gain a small bonus as we have staked tokens from each of them. We are staking 100% of earnings for each of these tribes currently.

If any of these tribes prefer we not use their tag and/or not try and help expand the curation of their tag feel free to message @thedarkhorse on discord (#6765) or leave a comment below. Our goal in using the tag is to allow members of these tribes to have an extra way to earn rewards and more importantly gain exposure for their posts.

If there are other Tokens you want to see @pifc start staking please let us know which one and the focus of the token. Currently we are only staking Tokens that are for general content, but are open to others if there is demand from our community.

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@trincowski and @iamraincrystal your SBI shares are registered.

All autovotes have been put in place. @justclickindiva and @stortebeker the autovote from me matches your personal vote for the curation contest. No requirement to upvote pifc at 100%, but pointing out you could get more back if you give more up front. I did this since @pifc runs at a loss each week between prize money, bounties, and leases. So figured if I personally encouraged people to vote at 100% it will help build up @pifc faster. Anyways either way thanks for your support and entries!

Thanks @thedarkhorse for pointing that out to me. I don't know what happened this last round. I thought I upvoted at 100%. I'll be more careful next time to make sure of my vote before I cast it. I want to support PIFC to keep it going.

And thanks for your support.

Not a problem and glad I pointed it out...was worried it would look tacky to do so. PIFC only posts 3 times a week and very rarely a 4th time so just setting them at a 100% autovote at around 4 minutes is probably your best bet. This will give you better curation then trying to vote when you comment with your post.

Not at all. I take all advice. thanks for the tip. appreciate it.

Thanks, my Voting Power is always suffering with so much good content in my feed all the time but I'll see if I can increase my vote a bit.

Well I made my rounds to reward this week's participants. I had a case of fat fingers and @stortebeker you received a few extra SBI this week... I'll make it up to the others in the coming weeks. LOL


Congratulations to everyone on taking a look out of your silos! But thank you to @tryskele for picking my bloggers for the extra support!

I have a share of SBI for @joelagbo being served up in a moment! See you all soon!

Thanks @bengy for sponsoring my blogger. Much appreciated, as I learned a great deal from his post and thought he deserved acknowledgment.

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I have sent out the shares. Congrats to the winners. 20191204 15_19_13GINAbot.png

“In here” briefly @pifc, to fulfill my commitment, 1 SBI share posted for @ph1102, his 110th! Nice work.

Caveat: A downvote campaign has begun to harm SBI beneficiaries. I elected to try and engage the “campaign chairman” here, although I was under no illusions it would make any difference. Reportedly, he has had his bidbot operation trashed post HF 21 / 22, so he is presumably acting out of vengeance.

Sadly, he has elected to make the SBI program one of his targets. About the only “saving grace” is there are hundreds, if not thousands, of these SBI beneficiary accounts, so the more he finds and adds them to his downvote list, the more diluted his “damage” becomes. At which point, it will become more of a symbolic act than anything.

A bigger question? Are we just at the beginning of a concerted effort to “stomp out” any program like SBI? Not one of the “big boys,” I make no claim to knowing …


I do not feel that others will jump in on this and actually the guy has pissed off many large account too. He even is downvoting curie now.

I will not use sbi-skip and want him to waste his voting power on me. It's still a net positive vote and it eats up some of his voting power.

Here comes an SBI vote and a downvote from him...more power wasted.

Hmmm. I don’t know @thedarkhorse

”I do not feel that others will jump in on this …”

… as I have personally engaged with several who have talked about it. The gist is that, while SBI is a “problem,” it is “second tier” to other more pressing matters for the time being. But, once those are uhhh … “fixed?” Then what?

I would, of course, love this to be the case. This one individual is definitely doing a lot of damage … FYI, after some exchanges with Joseph, SBI now has a #vote-recovery channel for members to help each other counter the downvotes. You may wish to check into it.


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Congratulations to all the winners. We definitely need more action in the contest. There has only been a handful of entries, lately...

I've just bought my share for @justclickindiva and two extra shares for the users I've featured in my own entry: @cryptokannon and @nederob.


Thanks @pifc for choosing my bloggers to spotlight. I ventured into an unknown Tribe and was surprised to find those two who posts I enjoyed curating. I also learned something new in the process. In will be visiting Steem-Leo Tribe again. So win-win for all.

for you

Hey @pifc, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!

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