ReggaeSteem (JAHM) Featured - Week 84's Curation Contest Winners

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Thank you to everyone who took time to curate great content for Week 84's Curation Contest. The #jahm tag from @reggaesteem was a lot of fun to feature this week.

We had 1 blogger this week that stood out as she was featured 3 times for 3 posts...this has never happened before. Even more impressive is that blogger was part of 3 of the Judges Choice picks for this week, each post that featured @mariluna won. Congrats to @mariluna for some posting some great content and as a bonus @pifc will be setting you on autovote for the week at 25%

Make sure to visit the current week's Curation Contest to find some great content or to make your own entry.


Judges Choice Winners

Here are the winners of 1 SBI share each sponsored by the Judges.

Judge & SponsorCuratorEntry #Links
@thedarkhorse@stortebekerEntry #7Steemit or SteemPeak
@viking-ventures@trincowskiEntry #6Steemit or SteemPeak
@tryskele@justclickindivaEntry #8Steemit or SteemPeak
@trincowski@stever82Entry #3Steemit or SteemPeak

Featured Bloggers of Judges Choice SBI Winners

Each Judges Choice Winner featured 2 great bloggers and they will each get an SBI share for lifetime votes on their posts.

Judges Choice WinnerFeatured Blogger #1Featured Blogger #2Sponsor

Random Winner

This week are 2 random winners of 1 SBI share Sponsored by @thedarkhorse

WinnerEntry Post
@brittandjosieEntry #2Steemit or SteemPeak
@josemalavemEntry #4Steemit or SteemPeak

Bonus Autovote from @pifc

For this week everyone who makes a valid entry will get a daily autovote on up to 1 post per day. The percentage of this vote is purely based on the percentage that you voted on @pifc. You will get anywhere from 10% up to 25%. To get 25% you needed to give @pifc a 100% upvote, if you gave a 50% vote to PIFC then you will get 17.5%.

CuratorEntry% of Daily Vote
@iamraincrystalEntry #125%
@brittandjosieEntry #225%
@stever82Entry #325%
@josemalavemEntry #425%
@bengyEntry #525%
@trincowskiEntry #625%
@stortebekerEntry #720%
@justclickindivaEntry #825%

Bonus Autovote from @thedarkhorse

The Judges Choice Winners will each receive an autovote for 1 post per day from @thedarkhorse purely based on the percentage they upvoted the @pifc contest post. This is a bonus and voting for @pifc isn't required to be part of the main contest, but this is @thedarkhorse using his personal stake to help encourage people to support @pifc with 100% upvotes.

CuratorEntry #Vote Percentage
@stever82Entry #3100%
@trincowskiEntry #6100%
@stortebekerEntry #766%
@justclickindivaEntry #850%


This Weeks Sponsors

The following sponsors made the prize pool possible. Please make sure to show them some appreciation.
@bengy, @andrewharland, @stever82, @roleerob, & @thedarkhorse.

Special Thanks to Our Judges

This week we are giving a small thank you to the Judges and giving a 5% beneficiary to each from this post. It's a small amount, but wanted to give a little back to our judges.



All steem-bounty payouts should have happened by now. Special thanks to @knircky, he is the brains behind @steem-bounty and he does a lot to help boost the contest posts allowing for higher rewards.


Staked Tokens - Show Support of Tribes

@pifc has started to build up a couple tokens to help add extra value to our community. Posts with #palnet, #neoxian, #creativecoin, #jahm, or #marlians will gain a small bonus as we have staked tokens from each of them. We are staking 100% of earnings for each of these tribes currently.

Tribe TokenStake

If any of these tribes prefer we not use their tag and/or not try and help expand the curation of their tag feel free to message @thedarkhorse on discord (#6765) or leave a comment below. Our goal in using the tag is to allow members of these tribes to have an extra way to earn rewards and more importantly gain exposure for their posts.

If there are other Tokens you want to see @pifc start staking please let us know which one and the focus of the token. Currently we are only staking Tokens that are for general content, but are open to others if there is demand from our community.

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All autovotes are set and SBI shares for @stortebeker, @brittandjosie, @josemalave are all purchased.

Congrats to the winners and all the featured bloggers!

I have an SBI share for @nandy4eva heading in for registration!

Congrats to all the participant. Very fun week. I changed this up a bit this week. I gave my entry their 1 SBI then I gave one to each of the features from @justclickindiva


Very cool that my post was picked as a winner. I also sent the shares for @missaj, @mariluna congrats to the other winners and thanks for everyone that took the time to enter the contest.

20191121 15_04_48GINAbot.png

“In here” briefly @pifc, to fulfill my commitment, 1 SBI share posted for @mariluna, her 4th.


Thank you very much for selecting my featured bloggers. It was fun curating the Reggae Tribe.

Thanks for featuring the Reggaesteem tribe during the week. Well done to all the entrants and congratz to @mariluna for being recognized for interesting and consistently good posts in reggaesteem.

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

I'll be honest it was a fun tribe to feature. Different mix of content and while the tribe isn't large in number of posts the quality was there. We will swing back around and curate it again for sure.

Thank you for picking my entry, @viking-ventures! 😃

My SBI share for @stever82 was just sent. Also another one for both @mariluna and @josevas217, just because I can.


Cool. I finally sent your share yesterday... :-)