Week 85's Featuring Natural Medicine Tribe Curation Contest Winners, 14 SBI Shares Awarded!

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Before we get into the winners announcement I'd like to point out a post in which you can give a little extra to @pifc as it's set at 100% beneficiary to @pifc. That means all post rewards will come to @pifc and help keep the account funded.

Your Help Needed, 100% Beneficiary Set for Pay It Forward Community Account

I (@thedarkhorse) did this post on my personal account to help @pifc as much as possible since it uses my SBI vote bank and allowed some added exposure. So if you can please give that post a 100% upvote to help keep @pifc funded.


Thank you to everyone who took time to curate great content for Week 85's Curation Contest which Featured Natural Medicine Tribe. Make sure to visit the current week's Curation Contest featuring Steem Leo to find some great content or to make your own entry.


Judges Choice Winners

Here are the winners of 1 SBI share each sponsored by the Judges.

Judge & SponsorCuratorEntry #
@thedarkhorse@justclickindivaEntry #2Steemit or SteemPeak
@viking-ventures@trincowskiEntry #4Steemit or SteemPeak
@tryskele@iamraincrystalEntry #1Steemit or SteemPeak
@trincowski@stever82Entry #3Steemit or SteemPeak

Featured Bloggers of Judges Choice SBI Winners

Each Judges Choice Winner featured 2 great bloggers and they will each get an SBI share for lifetime votes on their posts.

Judges Choice WinnerFeatured Blogger #1Featured Blogger #2Sponsor

Random Winner

This week are 2 random winners of 1 SBI share Sponsored by @pifc & @thedarkhorse

WinnerEntry Post
@brittandjosieEntry #5Steemit or SteemPeak
@stortebekerEntry #7Steemit or SteemPeak


Bonus Autovote from @pifc

For this week everyone who makes a valid entry will get a daily autovote on up to 1 post per day. The percentage of this vote is purely based on the percentage that you voted on @pifc. You will get anywhere from 10% up to 25%. To get 25% you needed to give @pifc a 100% upvote, if you gave a 50% vote to PIFC then you will get 17.5%.

CuratorEntry% of Daily Vote
@iamraincrystalEntry #125%
@justclickindivaEntry #225%
@stever82Entry #325%
@trincowskiEntry #425%
@brittandjosieEntry #525%
@bengyEntry #625%
@stortebekerEntry #725%

Bonus Autovote from @thedarkhorse

The Judges Choice Winners will each receive an autovote for 1 post per day from @thedarkhorse purely based on the percentage they upvoted the @pifc contest post. This is a bonus and voting for @pifc isn't required to be part of the main contest, but this is @thedarkhorse using his personal stake to help encourage people to support @pifc with 100% upvotes.

CuratorEntry #Vote Percentage
@iamraincrystalEntry #1100%
@justclickindivaEntry #250%
@stever82Entry #3100%
@trincowskiEntry #4100%


This Weeks Sponsors

The following sponsors made the prize pool possible. Please make sure to show them some appreciation.
@bengy, @andrewharland, @stever82, @roleerob, & @thedarkhorse.

Special Thanks to Our Judges

This week we are giving a small thank you to the Judges and giving a 5% beneficiary to each from this post. It's a small amount, but wanted to give a little back to our judges.



All steem-bounty payouts should have happened by now. Special thanks to @knircky, he is the brains behind @steem-bounty and he does a lot to help boost the contest posts allowing for higher rewards.

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Congrats to all the winners. I sent out the shares a few days ago.
2019-11-27 08_19_12-@GINAbot.png

Congratulations, everyone!

My share for @stever82 was just sent. And I've sent 2 extra shares to @fenngen and @choosefreedom.


Thank you @trincowski for your support and encouragement!

Autovotes are set from both myself and @pifc.

SBI shares are purchased for:
@justclickindiva, @brittandjosie, @stortebeker


Congrats to everyone! It was a tricky tribe for me to find something.... But I'm happy that others managed!

An SBI share for @choosefreedom is on its way!

“In here” briefly @pifc, to fulfill my commitment, 1 SBI share posted for @fenngen, his 1st! Reminded me of my one trip to Chile long ago and what I hear in current news about what is going on there now. I hope he is well under the circumstances.


Thank you! I am currently living in a rural town and here it's like nothing ever happened, so I am well. Things look bad in the cities but at least they've withdrawn the military from the streets. Cops are quite fierce though. Thanks again for the SBI share and your concern, hope you visit Chile again!

Good to hear you are well in a small town @fenngen. That is where we also prefer to live here in America … 😉

I was there in the ‘80s, during the time Pinochet was allowing your people to vote on whether your people wanted the military to step aside and allow them to vote on a President again … It was very important to my understanding of what happened, during that time, that I was able to find and spend time with my favorite teaching aide, while an engineering student in college. He was from Chile …

My pleasure on the SBI share @fenngen. It is always nice to “hear” from new Steemians. I wish you well on your Steem blockchain “journey.”


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Hi @pifc. Thanks so much for choosing my bloggers' posts. Learning something new when you venture into the unknown Tribe is why I participated in this contest. And I did learn something from them.

Appreciate the opportunity to curate this.