Back in Davao City

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Old Building in Davao City.jpg

Old-fashioned building constructed in 2015 or 2016.

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After almost a month in the province we are now back in Davao City, Philippines.

Shortly after arriving I took a photo (above) of a brand new old-fashioned building. It's a building I always notice whenever we travel in the city and I think the construction of it was finished in 2015 or 2016.

After arriving in the city, Mama bought us a jack fruit so that we could have a snack and relax. It was really tiring to travel that far and I must admit, I was a little over fatigued after that.

So today we did something different: @emafe, her Mom, her Dad and I relaxed at a nail salon to get foot massages. It was a really nice experience and I enjoyed seeing her parents relax. The name of the nail shop is Nailandia. I have gone there with @emafe a few times and we'll definitely go back.

Jack Fruit.jpg

One of the unique fruits in the Philippines, Jack Fruit.

Emafe Rice and Eddie Rice.jpg

@emafe and her Dad.


Pedicure at Nailandia inside SM City Ecoland.

Chris Emafe and Zac Rice.jpg

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~ @chrisrice

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