December 28, 2019

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Photo taken last July 2019 during our trip to Macau. Captured using an iPhone 8 Plus and edited in Adobe Lightroom CC mobile app.

Beautiful morning universe! ☕️

Both Smart and Globe signal is back yesterday, and last night, around 9:00PM, the electricity has been restored. That was way faster than what I was expecting. They must have been doing overtime work just so they can bring back power the soonest possible time.

Thank you so much to those people behind the super fast restoration of our electricity. :)

Few days from now, we will be saying goodbye to 2019, and welcome 2020. Its that time of the year wherein we make resolutions that will remain as resolutions after 365 days. Haha.

Enjoy your day guys! Keep steeming! :)

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@meetmysuperego, In a way this is reflecting as Architectural Masterpiece. And it's always good to hear when people put efforts to keep the good service running. Stay blessed.

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Ayos nakapunta ng Macau. Ganda b? Where did you stay?