February 27, 2020

in philippines •  last month 



Good morning Philippines! ☕️

I just got back from a relaxing trip, can't wait to blog about it. I'm still in bed right now. I wasn't able to catch the last trip going to our town last night so I'm in my good friend's house right now. I'm getting free accommodations because of these amazing people in my life. Hehe.

Crypto seems like going to hibernate again. Everything is red and its not something that we wanted to see. Haha. I hope this won't take long and things starts pumping again! (fingers-crossed)

Thank God for a safe trip last night. I love travelling but being on a plane makes me think of thousand things that could possibly go wrong, like crashing or suicide bombing, crazy stuff like that. (praning) Hahaha.

Enjoy your day everyone! Keep steeming. :)

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