Photo 52, 2020 Challenge 8

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Hi my dear friends and the guests of my blog!

This is my participation in the weekly challenge Photo 52 2020 Challenge hosted by account @photo52 by @wwwiebe

This weeks theme: Photographers Choice!*

I visited many beautiful places and the one that impressed me the most was "La Laguna del Quilotoa" which I visited with friends last year. It is one of the 15 lagoons of volcanic origin appreciated as the most beautiful in the world. It was one of the first places I visited arriving in Ecuador, it took me two hours to reach this paradise.

I enjoy here and capture the lagoon. The nature bring us all positive times.

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Cámara : Iphone
Location: Ecuador//Quito
Author: @dulce160

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Beautiful sight

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una gran vista incomparable, saludos


Wow that view is stunning! I could seriously never get tired of waking up to that, cant I live there?

i am venezolan but i live in ecuador now, this lagoon is amazing

The mountains! The mountains!! I grew up a figurative stone's throw away from the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, and I love them to this day. That is breathtaking!

The place is so breathtakingly beautiful! It's similar to our Mount Taal in the Philippines. It's a lake within a lake too. Sad to say, it erupted few months ago.

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