Photo 52, 2020 Challenge: Week 1 Results

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Today marks the end of Week 1 of the #photo52 contest of 2020. The theme of Week 1 was "Hello Selfie." There were in total 15 entries! For a new contest on Steem I think this is a phenomenal number. Thank you everyone who participated!

Week 1 Challenge:

All participants listed below:

@sinlg presented a selfie with mosaic mirrors:

@brittandjosie had a New Years selfie:

@tattoodjay took a self-reflective approach:

@ireenchew showed a lot of her adventures:

@iamraincrystal also used mirrors for her selfie:

@sumatranate took an interesting infinite approach:

@porters showed us just how cold it is in Saskatchewan:

@jaytaylor showed some emotional artwork:

@wesphilbin went black and white:

@fotostef used the rule of thirds to maximum effect:

@kaelsi provided a traditionalist selfie:

@bliss11 gave us some positive advice with hers:L

@qwerrie landed on the moon (sort of):

@mondoshawan sported a new nose for us here:

@old-guy-photos pulled it in just a few minutes before the deadline:

These were great entries! Choosing one was not easy. What I know for sure is that you all know how to make a judge's life difficult! All the entries were fantastic and it was hard to narrow it down.

Week 1, Hello Selfie, Winner: @fotostef

Congratulations @fotostef!

And congratulations to all the others who participated! You did not make this easy on me. Thank you for that! I hope to see you all in the Week 2 theme: Something New

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Thanks presenting at #pypt

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Thank You for an awesome idea for this 2020 contest... Congratulations to @fotostef! Looking forward to this weeks challenge!

Thanks a lot for the first place and congratulations to all the participants, may all of us and many more, have a lot of fun till the end of the year :)

Congratulations @fotostef! :D

Thank you @kaelci :)

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Congratulations @wwwiebe for such a great breakout! I apologize for not being able to get it all together for the entry. :(

I want to congratulate all the entrants and especially @fotostef for his first-place win!


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Congratulations! So good to hear that many joined the contest 👏👏

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I think contests are always fun and a nice way to build community.

Congratulations to @fotostef, they were great Selfies :)

Was thinking about this weeks theme on this mornings walk :)

@photo52 great entries. Thanks for supporting photographers.. heard on #pypt

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Congrats to all participants and to @fotostef for an awesome selfie...

Thank you @ireenchew you made a pretty cool entry, yourself!

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