Photo Chain Challenge Entry - 24th Edition

in photochain •  2 months ago 

It is time for another round of the Photo Chain Challenge by @davidesimoncini

The photo must present two key words and now tney are DOG and RELAX.

Easy peasy as my dog is doing exactly that all day long - relaxing.


Here we are outside for a walk, stopped and let her play in the dog garden. But instead, she prefers to lay on the bench and relax. LOL

I am not blaming her. She is an old dog with bad legs and she cannot walk for very long and she is not running like before.

Now my personal word and subject will be CLOTHES.


Thank you for stopping by.

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A face of contemplation. Take care of that beauty.


Yeah, she has very expressive face. 😀

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What a beautiful face she has Neli.

Aww, thank you Jo. 😀❤

She looks lovely Neli and I can see she wont get cold as you have really dressed her for the conditions.

Thanks Trudee ❤
Oh, she has all kinds of clothing for each season. Being hairless she needs special care, but she likes to be dressed. 😀

I don't blame her either. She looks so cozy. Lol

I don't know why I have missed your comment, I am sorry for the late reply.
Penny can be very stubborn 😀

Look at that face!!!! :) She looks like she is giving you the I am not pleased to be here look I can't tell, but, she is cute as the dickens with it. I love her clothing and the little tendrils on here ears!

She is so sweet!!! Thanks for showing her off and next time, I want to see her wardrobe!

Have a lovely day!


Haha, she is a diva. Her look is also like We are not amused LOL.
She is posh you know. 😉
Thank you Denise, always a pleasure to see your comment. 😀

I know! Shamefully work made it so I'm scrambling just to do my own comments. Which defies the whole purpose of social media. I know that I'm going to find a balance somewhere. I hope all is well with you and yours and hope to make it around the block chain just a little bit better

I am struggling to find enough time too. Busy at work and while commuting I finished the post I started in the morning.
Oh, how I love Friday afternoon and soon I will be home. Not, quite. First - dentist, then home.

Have a wonderful weekend! ❤

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