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I have seen enough of the colors of childhood and wanted summer. I want to break out of the gray autumn and plunge into the morning fog, swim in the rays of the young sun, breathe in the smell of flowering rosemary.

Вот насмотрелся на краски детства и захотелось лета. Хочется вырваться из серой осени и окунуться в утренний туман, искупаться в лучах молодого солнца, вдохнуть запах цветущего багульника.

Возможно вы не узнали это место. Да, тоже самое болото и то же озеро. Только в прошлый раз был вечер и ночь, а теперь утро раннее. Кстати, это утро как раз после той ночи. Эот пост будет необычно коротким, но очень светлым. Этот свет сейчас так нужен здесь в Питере. За окном ночь, дождь и слякоть. Так пусть на Стимите будет радостное утреннее солнце

Perhaps you did not recognize this place. Yes, the same swamp and the same lake. Only last time it was evening and night, and now it is early morning. By the way, this morning is just after that night. This post will be unusually short, but very bright. This light is now so needed here in St. Petersburg. Outside the window there is night, rain and slush. So let there be a joyful morning sun on Sееmit

Я даже не буду ничего говорить. Просто любуйтесь красотой того утра.

I won’t even say anything. Just admire the beauty of that morning.

From Russia with Love

Daily photo chronicle

Autumn cried ...

I would put the tag #travelfeed here, but I'm afraid that not enough words

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The wilderness is so beautiful!

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Peaceful view

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А я что говорил... а ты зимние фотки торопился выкладывать. 😂

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Хех, а куды их копить-то, в зиму что ли засаливать? )))

this is the beauty of mother nature you don't find in the luxury of your apartments nicely captured beautiful pics

дык... про роскошь аппартАментов..это не к нам)))
А Природа да, роскошна, особенно по утрам и на закатах))

I am really sorry but I can't understand it would be good if you could please give reply in English

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:-) sorry. I have an auto-translator installed and I thought you left a comment in Russian. Therefore, I also answered in Russian with some untranslatable features))
I told you that my apartments are not as luxurious as nature itself. They are rather modest. And nature is most beautiful at dawn and during sunsets.
Thank you for stopping by and have a good week !

  ·  5 months ago (edited)

Oh no I didn't mean that your apartment I mean man-made apartment of human for which humans generally use which they are growing day by not caring for nature

I was joking :) Auto-translator does not always accurately convey the meaning from one language to another.
We need to care more about nature. If she gets sick, everyone will be bad


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