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With all the news about Corona Now also in Europe and the news that it hit Italy, i am thinking about one of my friends who immigrated to that beautiful country. To the countryside and the gorgeous mountains of LA MARCHE. They started a fantastic new bed and breakfast. The corona virus is doing so much damage and with the FREDOM topic for week 8 in the challenge by @photo52 the alt by my friend victor I have to wonder if it will effect their business, new home and their future.

This photograph reminds me on the wide view on to the beautiful fields theat lead to somewhere in the far distance.

Sweet C,

I hope your beautiful place will be spared from all the medical virus measurements and that you can carry on with you life’s dream, see you this summer and know we are thinking of you.. XOXO


If you want to see how gorgeous go to

instagram @ bbcasadelfonte

This is my entry for the 52 week challange by @photo52 week 8 topic is FREEDOM

Want to enter yourself ? Go to and this one for this week,

sorry @wwwiebe i was a few hour late but 52 i have to do so i am just entering hahaha, and by te way you are a hit and what a great entries ! Thanks for the great topiclist and maybe this is a great opportunity for the SteemTerminalers to, maybe promote it some more in our discord, some free publicity is always possible.

Thank you for stopping by, its highly appreciated, and please let me know your vision on steemit life in general.

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very beautiful...

Brelent photofeed

Thamks for sharing.

Lookit that view! That's gorgeous! It's views like that I live for.

Thank you for the continued support, my friend! I am seriously hoping I get some more free time to engage in the Terminal some more. I know there are a great number of talented people there!

Gorgeous view, I love it!

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