Sepia Saturday In Port Deposit

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Happy Sepia Saturday! Today, I'll be showing you some photos I took in the town of Port Deposit which is located in Cecil County, Maryland.


Port Deposit is also located on the banks of the Susquehanna River and the location makes it vulnerable to floods.



Most of my photos were taken while driving through but a couple are from stopping at a little park there.


The entire town of Port Deposit was placed on the National Historic Register in 1978. When you drive or walk around Port Deposit, you can't help but notice the Port Deposit granite as it was mined from the quarries that once prospered there.




It's not unusual to see some haunting remnants of the past there. I find it to be a sad kind of beauty and wonder how long before some structures crumble away altogether.



I really love this next photo with the flag and windchimes...


...and the M48 Patton tank that sits outside of the Port Deposit VFW Post!


My last photo! I didn't plan to end my post with this one but seems a little fitting, I think, and so it was meant to be.


Thank you @old-guy-photos for #sepiasaturday!





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I like that tone - do you use a specific filter/editor for that type of image?

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  ·  6 months ago (edited)

Thanks @sagesigma! I use several including photo editor, lunapic and gimp. 😉

I really should look into upgrading this hobby for me - I'm just using mobile photo apps at this point

I don't do much on my phone. I'll have to look into the photo sites that @chromiumone mentioned also. He is much more talented and knowledgeable about photography than me. I'm lower than amateur but I get a lucky shot now and

Ha - I'm right there with you - thanks!

Hello @sagesigma
The filter tone your looking for is Sepia you can also use brown scale, old film, etc.
Most of the editors have Sepia filters included.
I'm currently using the free versions of inPixio ( mostly for the filters) and PhotoScape X( really like this one)

Thanks...I've only been using mobile apps thus far, but really like that look/tone

I love all of these shots!!!!

Thanks so much Deb!! I just saw your awesome photos and loved them all as well! 😍


Thanks @umairorakzai442! :)

Oh nice images @deerjay I really like the 2 story stone building and it still has it's water tank tower =p Only about 10% of the Victorian buildings here still retain theirs,most that remain have been converted to 3rd story observation rooms.

Thank you very much @chromiumone and for the resteem too!! I would love to take a peek inside of some of those old buildings! I wondered about that top portion of that building..had no idea it use to be a water Thanks for letting me know. 🤗

Photos look great in sepia, Dee. What a lovely town. I like the old stone buildings like the one in the 7th photo.

Thank you so much Jo!! I love them too and wish I could see the inside. 😉

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Thank you so very much @innerblocks and @hafizullah for curating!! Much appreciated!! 💖

I love the scenery and I agree that the last photo of the tank was a perfect ending. I feel like I traveled back in time. : )

Thanks so much @whatisnew!! 🙂

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