Some "Feathered Friends" Art

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My #featheredfriends post today will feature some bird art that I have around my house which I decided to add some digital edits to as well. A lot of it is in the form of stained glass and you will be seeing a lot of cardinals. I thought this first one was the perfect one to welcome you!



A couple of hummingbirds for your viewing pleasure!




I'll be putting some photos and edits in collages to save on space. The next two photos are of a tapestry wall hanging.



I have two cardinal windchimes like this one but one of the windchimes needs to have a wing soldered back on.


Three glass bird figurines! The pre-edits are in the upper left corner. They also feature some little shadows to them. 😉


This is my last piece of stained glass which I did edits on. The third one reminds me of an embroidery piece.




My last photo is of a functional piece of art!



After all, the Corona's ain't gonna open themselves! 😁


Thank you @melinda010100 for #featheredfriends!!





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Thanks so much @pixresteemer!! 😘

Always a pleasure!

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Your collection of stained glass is truly beautiful! Lovely edits too @deerjay

My mom has always had a soft spot for artistic creations such as these, especially hummingbirds.

Have a terrific day!💫

Thank you very much Nina!! Hope you are having an awesome week so far!! 💞

What a array of beautiful colors that would make the inside of your home look like a nature park so lovely 😊

Thank you very much @hangin!! I think with all the animals we have that it may qualify as a nature 😉

I would say it would qualify for one what better place to have it 😊

I love all your #featheredfriends bird art! What a delightful celebration of birds. !Tip

Thanks so much @melinda010100!! I love that you loved them! 💖

You have rich collection of bird art. So lovely to see them and the edits as well.

Thanks so much Neli!! I wish it had been sunny out to see the stained glass better but the clouds don't seem to want to stay away for very long lately. 🤔

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Yum! Thank you very much @beerlover and @pixresteemer!! 😊

I think you deserve some $trdo

Thank you very much @pixelfan!! 💞

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Thanks so much @esteemapp!! 💖

You have a beautiful selection of bird art Dee. I think you really like the beautiful cardinals💕 The stained glass is lovely.

You definitely need that last one to open the coronas. 😃

Thank you so much Jo!! I do love the cardinals and still get excited to see a hummingbird. Lol..I couldn't help myself with that last one. 😁

Thank you very much @tipu and @melinda010100!! 🙂

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Thanks so much @trendotoken and @pixelfan!! 😊