I have the best clients.

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This year has been a very crazy year, and it's true my sales have been affected a lot! I have almost had no sales and that has made my days a little more uphill but still I do not get discouraged and I continue working in everything I love.

The man who ordered this cake has been my client for several years and whenever I make him a cake he says that I am the best at this. They only tell me what reason they would like to have in the cake and I have the freedom to decorate it as I like. What is certain is that the cake must be filled with dulce de leche.

I'm glad to have some sales. And just today I saw a page here of the island that helps with the publicity that I need. Tomorrow I will contact them and ask how much the service is worth and I think this will be of great help and maybe so I will have more clients. By the way, Happy Father's Day to everyone around here. I wish you a sweet day!

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Congrats on the cake sale. This is such a difficult time for everyone.