Baby Ale💚🐼

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I only ask God to always bless you Alejandro. It is wonderful to see how fast you have grown, to see how he already feels alone or to hear him say his first words.


It is wonderful to see these photos and I think Alejandro will love these memories when he grows up. This little boy is 8 months old and look dear @melinda010100, he still enjoys the clothes you sent him a lot and just combined with his cake.


I love him so much! And I love to see how fast it grows. He is so smiling and a little restless he is a happy boy and very loved by all of us.


I love to see the faces Alejandro makes when he sees me. It is the most difficult part of quarantine, that I cannot see it as often as I would like. Hopefully I can see it once a month and for 15 or 20 minutes. Everything is really difficult but in the month I try to gather the materials so I can make him a little cake and keep these moments in my heart.

In other news yesterday night and today has been crazy, the light has gone out more than 12 times in all these hours. And this is how appliances are damaged.

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Thanks for the support.

Oh! What sweet photos and a lovely cake! I'm happy he can still wear those onesies, but I suspect he will be outgrowing them pretty soon. I'm glad you got to see him.

That is bad news about the electricity.

I also think that soon he will not be able to use them. It is growing very fast. I wish I could see him much more often! I hope tonight the power does not go out last night I could not sleep very well that we say

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Thanks so much

Lovely cake and such a sweet little boy. Hope they sort your electricity out and stop messing about :)

You are very sweet dear Karen. It's been a crazy day with electricity coming and going a lot of times a day

Must be very frustrating hun

It is quite frustrating. But I can not do anything. How have you been?

I am OK thank you, still taking it slowly and keeping my mind busy.
You need that electricity to make some money with your baking, why ifs there a problem with it?

They really haven't told us why there are so many power outages and it's crazy. A lot of things have been damaged, sometimes this is so exhausting 😞

I can well imagine. It must get very frustrating for you. Wish i could do everything.

Dear @denissemata, you are such lovely mother, so full of love and giving for you very sweet little Alejandro🌻

I really love Alejandro very much and every day I wish the best for him.💙