Have you fulfilled your dreams?

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Seeing these images will always fill me with infinite happiness, this photo is from one of the first classes I attended and it is incredible how with good techniques and advice everything looks so beautiful and professional and coupled with that a good photograph.


I think all this year we have had to put our dreams on hold. I remember that at the beginning of the year I wanted to continue studying and wanted to take classes to improve the decorations on the cakes. But we had to put everything on pause to take care of our health, but although the plans have changed we must not abandon our dreams.


Seeing these images I remember how wonderful life is and it allowed me to be able to study something that I love.


Many say why study if the country is falling apart and if they are right. But education is never too much the less when you have so many plans in your life. One of my dreams right now is to be able to work in a restaurant or hotel to gain that experience. But due to everything that is happening in the world this must be postponed, living this pandemic has been difficult for everyone.


By doing this post I find motivation to continue fighting for my dreams. To remind me that I can achieve great things and that although everything seems dark right now, then the sun will rise and we can continue in the search and complete our dreams.


Today I am grateful and happy. For all the support I had when I decided to start studying and even after almost two years many people do not believe that I pay for my studies thanks to cryptocurrencies. By putting effort and dedication in my posts to collect the money. And also thanks to some beautiful ladies who decided to support me on this trip to fulfill that long-awaited dream ... Simply thank you! Let's keep fighting to fulfill dreams. Neither is too big! Happy day


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I'm pretty sure all your dreams will become true, dear Denisse, cause your cake are simply wonderful!

You are very sweet dear Silvia. Sometimes everything seems lost here, but I have faith that if I succeed and fulfill my dreams. How is everything going with you?

It looks very delicious . and very successful shots. congrats

Thanks so much!

Wonderful and appetizing cakes, you have to continue studying because you are very good