Cactus in bloom - Sulcorebutia Canigueralii

in photography •  9 months ago 

The growing season for my cacti has started. So far one is blooming, but she is nuts and was blooming all winter too and some are starting to grow little buds.
I still don't see anything on this Sulcorebutia, but I hope she will catch up. There is still time. Last year she was blooming around April. As for now I am glad to see that she started to grow some offshoots and they will have enough time to grow big and bloom next year. I was to see multiple flowers!

Sulcorebutia Canigueralii

Sulcorebutia Canigueralii first flower 3.jpg

Sulcorebutia Canigueralii first flower 5.jpg

This little cactus is native to Bolivia and will stay small (just the way I like it). It will with time grow multiple little heads though (that's what I am hoping for). It has a big, fat tap root so it requires a deep pot and very careful watering. Those roots can store a lot of nutrients and water on their own, but are very prone to rot if watered too much.

Sulcorebutia Canigueralii first flower 1.jpg

The flowers can have various colours and I wasn't sure which one I had until I saw the first bloom. And I love it! The outside petals are almost dark pink, inner more orange-red turning even more yellow towards the center. Beautiful things! I didn't detect any fragrance, but who cares :)

Gotta say that the whole cactus is very much to my liking. Not only the flowers that are very large comparing to the plant itself, but the body too. Small, round with the spines laying flat and not doing any harm. When stressed it turns more purple. When grown in more shay place with the right amount of water it is more green.

Sulcorebutia Canigueralii first flower 2.jpg

Sulcorebutia Canigueralii first flower 6.jpg

Sulcorebutia Canigueralii first flower 4.jpg

Few more shots when the flowers was just starting to open the day before. Just in case ;)
You never know if some bird doesn't decided to eat it or something.

Sulcorebutia Canigueralii flower opening 1.jpg

Sulcorebutia Canigueralii flower opening 2.jpg

Don't mind the breaking pot. It was already repoted to a new and proper one that will not crack and will let the tap root grow deep.
Hope she likes it.

Sulcorebutia Canigueralii flower opening 3.jpg

Shot with Nikon D5500 + Sigma 105mm lens
All photos and text are my own.



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Great photos!
Congratulations on blooming!
Your beauty Sulcorebutia is wayward:
when and how much she wants it blooms and changes its color of “clothes” as she likes (she is a lady!) :-)))

Thank you! I like when they change the colour like that :)
A true lady! And I treat her like a princess :)


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Wow amazing colour! Awesome photos dude!

The flower is just stunning!
Thanks a lot :)

Sure looks like the corona of a flame in the colors. Very rare and lovely photos.

By the way, what sort of stones is it growing in? Lava rocks? They look super porous.

Thank you! It does looks like fire indeed.

Yes, those are lava rocks but just on top. This year I actually didn't use it.. I just added some sand on top, but mixed some lava with the soil for extra drainage.

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Really beautiful! It amazes me that the flower is bigger than the plant. Excellent captures.

Some flowers are absolutely giant comparing to the tiny cactus. How do they manage to grow that... still amazes me :)

She is one pretty cactus. Great color too.

Oh yes she is! I love it :)

Nice Shots !! :)

Thanks a lot :)

I think you deserve some $trdo

Thank you! :)

Pleasure mine!

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