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An entry to Photo 52, 2020 Challenge, Week Number 6 by @wwwiebe.

Photos featured are from my collection. Sunset at Corregidor Island.

Back for another week of entry -- Week #6.

Looking at this photo made me feel warm. It was actually the end of a warm day. Soon, nightfall arrived. We took this photo when we had an overnight tour of Corregidor Island. Most tours there were for day tours, meaning visitors would arrive in the early morning and would be leaving the island around two in the afternoon.

We felt that we needed to explore more, so we booked an overnight stay at the only inn -- Corregidor Inn. Then, we signed up for additional adventures that included sunset viewing and tour of an abandoned hospital that was said to be haunted. We also experienced a tour of Malinta Tunnel. The following morning we also went for sunrise viewing on the island. Next time around, I would come up with a lengthy post to share all the lovely photos that we took on the island.

We are not masters of perspective shots, but we did try to play with it. My daughter's my travel buddy for this trip once again. ^_^

playing with sunset.jpg


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That is an absolutely glorious sunset! Love it!

You took a tour through an abandoned hospital? That must have been a little freaky in and of itself, regardless of any ghosty and ghouies that may have been lurking. I'm kinda jealous!

Thanks for entering and your continued support!

I love sunsets! ^_^ Happy weekend to you :)

Sunset at the end of the day can indeed be very warming! I love you holding the sun in your fingertips - cool (or should I say makes for warm fingers!)

Thanks for visiting 😊😊 have a great Sunday! 💞💞

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Beautiful picture of a beautiful sunset!

thank you! I love sunsets! ^_^ happy weekend to you! :)

You're welcome and Happy Weekend to you too!

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