Photo 52 | 2020 Challenge | Week Number 3

in photography •  5 months ago 

Photo 52 Challenge Contest, 2020 Edition is an inspiration from @photo52 & @wwwiebe. Every week a photo/s is to be shared based upon a pre-defined theme.

This week's theme is White.

To be honest, I had a bit of a hard time trying to find something which fitted this week's theme. I mean white is everywhere but on it's own it doesn't stand out. Thankfully, I went to the Flower Market yesterday and perhaps it's all the fresh flowers that inspired me and when I saw this beautiful orchid; it seems to be calling out to me.


Even with a tinge of purple and yellow on the petals, the white still stood out; at least enough to capture the attention of many walkabout like me.

Weekly theme will be supplied every Wednesday.
Weekly challenge closes midnight EST (GMT-5) the following Tuesday.
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I think you chose brilliantly. Gorgeous shot!

Thank you so much @jaynie
It is a beautiful orchid and there are plenty more.
Please do check out my vlog of the Flower Market..
There's so many flowers and they are all just absolutely beautiful

My pleasure hon - oh and I will :)

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That's a great choice! I love orchid's, but have had absolutely no luck keeping them alive whenever I try. The result is that I need to enjoy other people's orchids, just like this one!

Oh yes.. I've heard that orchids aren't easy to take care
That's why I much prefer to just appreciate if from a far.
Best to leave it to the experts :)

Ahh! Beautiful orchid! :D

It's a phalaenopsis -- or Moth Orchid. I love them. I had only ever seen little orchids until a couple of years ago when I saw these giant petals and had to know exactly what it was. Planning on growing some later in the future, when my thumb is a bit greener. :)

Ooo.. I never really know the names of these orchid species but in Vietnam, there's plenty.
I think the weather is good that's why it's everywhere


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